Harrell Families

of Early

Hertford County, North Carolina


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Chapter 1 (The Early Harrells in America)

Chapter 2 (Harrells in Chowan County & the Gates area)

Chapter 3 (Harrells in Bertie & the Hertford County area)

Chapter 4 (Hertford County's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations)

Chapter 5 (John T., Eley, Elijah Two, Elisah, Thomas Two & their descendants)

Chapter 6 (Nathan & Elizabeth's Known Descendants)

Chapter 7 (John [b. c. 1794] & Winnifred Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 8 (Josiah & Anna Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 9 (Elizabeth Harrell & Silas Parker, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 10 (Immigrants to the 3rd Generation of Hertford County Harrells)

Chapter 11 (Immigrants to the 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells)


List of Tables


Table   1:  Perquimans County Deed Activity                                              14

Table   2:  Chowan County Deed Activity                                                   15

Table   3:  Murfree’s Tax Lists, Hertford County, 1768-1770                       18

Table   4:  Summary of Bertie County Deed Activity                                   20

Table   5:  Bertie County Tax Lists, 1755-1761                                            26

Table   6:  Summary of Hertford County Area Deed Activity                       97

Table   7:  Hertford Area Tax Lists, 1755-1761                                          103

Table   8:  Murfree’s Short Tax List, 1768-1770                                         108

Table   9:  Hertford County Tax List, 1779                                                 109

Table 10:  Hertford County Tax List, 1782                                                 110

Table 11:  Hertford County Tax List, 1784                                                 111

Table 12:  Hertford County 1790 Census Entries                                        112

Table 13:  Summary of 1st and 2nd Generations of Harrells                         113

Table 14:  Summary of 3rd Generation of Harrells                                      127

Table 15:  Hertford County Tax List, 1815                                                 128

Table 16:  Summary of The First Three Generations                                   136

Table 17:  Possible Matches for The 2nd and 3rd Generations                      142

Table 18:  Probable Matches for The 2nd and 3rd Generations                      146

Table 19:  Summary of 3rd and 4th Generations                                           150

Table 20:  Summary of 4th Generation Matches with Possible Fathers          170



Table of Contents


Introduction: Introduction                                                                        1  
Chapter 1: The Early Harrells in America                                              4

Some Other Research on Harrell Ancestors in the Area                    4

The Harrell Immigrants                                                                         9

The First Records of Harrells in The Albemarle region.                   12

The Albemarle Region: Its Precincts and Counties                                    12

Deeds in The Early Precincts and Counties                                               13 

Tax Lists in Bertie County: 1755-1761                                                     25

Summary of North Carolina’s First Harrells                                       27

Chapter 2: Harrells in Chowan County & The Gates Area                 31

Samuel of Kent (b. 1663-d. c. 1753)                                                     31

William Harrell (born before 1786)                                                           33

Mary Harrell Wilson (born c. 1787)                                                        34

Noah Harrell (born 1787-1849)                                                              34

Abner Harrell (1790-1865)                                                                     35

James Harrell (1792-1858)                                                                      35

Joseph Harrell (born c. 1794-1820)                                                         35

Nancy Harrell (born c. 1794-1858)                                                         36

Henry Harrell (born c. 1800)                                                                    36

Willis W. Harrell (1802-1858)                                                                  36

Edward R. Harrell (b. 1828)                                                                     37

Sarah A. Harrell (b. 1830)                                                                        37

James Noah Harrell (b. 1836)                                                                   37

Martha Olivia Harrell Hill (b. 1839)                                                          37

Mary Louise Harrell (b. 1847)                                                                  38

William Norfleet Harrell (b. 1850)                                                             38

Andrew Harrell (born 1805)                                                                      38

William H. Harrell (b. 1828)                                                                      38

Sarena A. Harrell (b. 1828)                                                                      38

Elizabeth F. Harrell (b. 1833)                                                                   38

Clenton E. Harrell (b. 1835)                                                                     38

Andrew J. Harrell (b. 1836)                                                                     38

Sarah Harrell (b. 1840)                                                                            38

Isaac S. Harrell (b. 1841)                                                                        38

Riddick H. Harrell (b. 1843)                                                                    38

Elizabeth Harrell Briggs (c. 1807)                                                            39

Joseph Briggs (b. 1828)                                                                          39

Andrew J. Briggs (b. 1831)                                                                     39

Sarah E. Briggs (b. 1835)                                                                       39

Isaac Harrell (1810-1862)                                                                      39

Martha Louisa Harrell Hill (b. 1838)                                                       40

Mary Ann Harrell Hill (b. 1841)                                                             40

Henry B. Harrell (b. 1848)                                                                      40

Mills Robert Harrell                                                                                 40

Samuel Isaac Harrell (b. 1860)                                                                40

Isaac Samuel Harrell (b. 1894)                                                                40

Dianna Margaret Harrell                                                                         40

Florence Harrell                                                                                      40

Samuel of Chowan (b. c. 1700, d 1761)                                                40

William Harrell (b. c. 1715)                                                                      41

Henry Harrell (b. c. 1745)                                                                       42

Abner Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                                       42

Ruth Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                                          42

Abselah Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                    42

Samuel Harrell (b. c. 1760, d. c. 1825)                                                    42

Isaac Sr. (b. c. 1720, d. 1805)                                                               42

David Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                                       43

Noah Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                                        43

Leah Harrell Lewis Hinton (b. c. 1755)                                                  43

Edith Harrell Groves (b. c. 1755)                                                          43

Rhoday Harrell Parker (b. c. 1755)                                                       43

Leanor Harrell Eure (b. c. 1755)                                                            43

____ Harrell Trotman (b. c. 1756)                                                        43

Isaac Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1760)                                                                  44

Abraham (b. c. 1718)                                                                             44

David Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                       44

Theophilus Harrell (b. c. 1765)                                                               45

Charles Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                    45

Abraham Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1770)                                                             45

Wines Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                      45

Fanney Harrell Alphin (b. c. 1770)                                                         45

Samuel Jr. (born 1717 to 1722)                                                              45

Martha (b. c. 1720)                                                                                45

Rachel (b. c. 1720)                                                                                 45

Some Other Harrells in Early Chowan County                                  46

Jethro Harrell (b. before 1735, died 1784)                                              46

John Harrell                                                                                           46

Reuben Harrell                                                                                      46

Nancy Harrell Vann                                                                              46

Milley Harrell Hargman                                                                        46

Betty Harrell Maners                                                                           46

Mary Harrell                                                                                         46

Demsey Harrell (b. before 1749, died 1818)                                          46

Thomas Harrell (b. before 1787)                                                           47

George Harrell (b. before 1787)                                                            47

Elizabeth Harrell (b. before 1787)                                                          47

Absolem Harrell (died 1789)                                                                 47

William Harrell (b. before 1768)                                                             47

Adam Harrell (b. before 1768)                                                                47

Mary Harrell (b. before 1768)                                                                 47

Amey Harrell (b. before 1768)                                                                47

Elizabeth Harrell Daniel (b. before 1768)                                                47

David Harrell                                                                                          47

William Harrell                                                                                       47

Mary Harrell                                                                                          48

Thomas Harrell (of the Gates area, died 1808)                                        48

Peter Harrell Sr. (b. c. 1750, died 1802)                                                49

Peter Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1770)                                                                  50

Mary Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                        50

Annie Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                       50

Judith Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                       50

Elizabeth Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                  50

Pleasant Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                   50

Nancy Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                     50

Penelope Harrell (b. c. 1780)                                                                 50

Elisah Harrell (b. c. 1765)                                                                      50

Elijah Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                       50

Edy Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                         50

Rebecca Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                  50

Mary Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                       50

Milley Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                                       50

Thomas Harrell (of the Gates area, died 1824)                                        51

Josiah Harrell (born before 1755, and died in 1825)                                51

William Harrell (b. c. 1790)                                                                    53

Samuel Harrell (b. c. 1790)                                                                    53

Amanda (Arcadia) Harrell Jones (b. c. 1790)                                        53

Chapter 3: Harrells in Bertie & the Hertford County area                   54

Thomas Harrell (of Bertie County)                                                     54

Samuel Harrell (of Bertie County)                                                      55

Cader Harrell, son of Samuel (died 1781)                                               55

Samuel Harrell, son of Cader                                                                  56

Kader Harrell, son of Cader                                                                   56

Drewry Harrell, son of Cader                                                                  56

Joseph Harrell (died c. 1754)                                                               56

Joseph and Ann Harrell’s Children                                                           57

Joseph Harrell Jr.                                                                                    57

John “Little John” Harrell (died 1781)                                                      57

Ruth Harrell House                                                                                 58

Winnefred Harrell                                                                                    58

John Harrell (this was John Jr./Sr.; died 1759)                                   58

John Jr./Sr. and Grace Harrell’s Descendants                                           60

David Harrell (b. c. 1730)                                                                        61

David Harrell Jr. (b. before 1745)                                                             62

Noah Harrell                                                                                            62

Charity Harrell                                                                                          62

Sarah Harrell                                                                                            62

Mildred Harrell                                                                                         62

Chloe Harrell                                                                                            62

Josiah Harrell Sr. (b. before 1730)                                                            62

Solomon Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                                    63

Josiah Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1750)                                                                   63

William Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                      64

Selah Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                         64

Pennie Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                       64

Ezechiel Harrell (b. c. 1730-died 1764)                                                    65

Ezechiel and Alie Harrell’s Children                                                          65

Israel Hardy Harrell (d. 1783)                                                                  65

Grace Harrell Pierce                                                                                65

Patience Harrell                                                                                        65

Esther Harrell                                                                                           65

Edith Harrell                                                                                             66

Delilah Harrell Owens                                                                              66

Jesse Harrell Sr. (b. c. 1730)                                                                    66

Josiah Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                        66

Priscilla Harrell Vinson (b. c. 1755)                                                         66

Rachel Kitrell Harrell (b. c. 1774)                                                             66

Ferebee Harrell Roundtree (b. c. 1755)                                                  66

Jesse Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1755)                                                                    67

Turner Harrell (b. c. 1780)                                                                       67

Tempe Harrell (b. c. 1780)                                                                       67

Jesse Harrell III (b. c. 1780)                                                                     67

Joshua Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                       67

Jesse Bryan Harrell                                                                                   67

Josiah Harrell (born before 1789)                                                             67

Elisha Harrell                                                                                            67

Rachel Harrell Rascoe (b. c. 1755)                                                         67

Jonathan Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                    67

Esias Harrell (b. c. 1730; died before 1756)                                             67

Esais Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1755)                                                                    68

Israel Hardy “Hardy” Harrell (b. c. 1730)                                                68

Sarah Harrell Williams (b. c. 1730; died before 1756)                            68

John Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1710-died 1756)                                                   68

John Jr. and Mary Harrell’s Children:                                                      69

George (b. c. 1735)                                                                                69

Jesse (b. c. 1744)                                                                                   70

Elisha (b. c. 1749)                                                                                  70

Benjamin (b. c. 1740, d. 1775)                                                               70

Benjamin and Winney Harrell’s Children                                                  70

John Harrell, son of Benjamin (b. c. 1760)                                               70

Charles Yeates Harrell, son of Benjamin (b. c. 1760)                               70

Mary Harrell (b. c. 1740)                                                                        71

Abraham Harrell  (born c. 1690; died 1755)                                        71

Abraham and Mary Harrell’s Descendants                                               71

Mary Harrell Holland Toole, daughter of Abraham (b. c. 1722)              71

Frederick Holland (b. c. 1760)                                                               72

Able Harrell, son of Abraham (c. 1724-c. 1778)                                      72

Noah Harrell (born around 1752)                                                             72

Joel Harrell (born around 1755)                                                                72

Hampton Harrell (born around 1758)                                                        72

Lewis Harrell (born around 1760)                                                             72

John Harrell, son of Abraham (b. c. 1726-1777)                                       72

John and Ann Harrell’s Descendants                                                         73

Mary Harrell Harrell (b. c. 1761)                                                              73

Zachariah Harrell (b. c. 1763)                                                                   73

John Harrell Jr., grandson of Abraham (b. c. 1765)                                   73

Lott Harrell (b. c. 1770)                                                                           74

James “Jimmy” Harrell (b. c. 1775)                                                           74

Elizabeth Harrell                                                                                       74

Abigail Harrell, daughter of Abraham (b. c. 1728)                                     74

Sarah Harrell Neal, daughter of Abraham (b. c. 1730)                              74

Lott Harrell, son of Abraham (b. c. 1732)                                                 74

Grace Harrell Holland, daughter of Abraham (b. c. 1735-d. 1761-1768)  75

Grace and Theophilus Holland’s Children                                                  75

Theophilus Holland Jr. (b. c. 1756)                                                          75

Henry Holland (b. c. 1758)                                                                      75

Zachariah Harrell, son of Abraham (b. c. 1738)                                         75

Susanna Harrell, daughter of Abraham (b. c. 1742)                                   75

Christopher Harrell, son of Abraham (b. c. 1744-1772)                            75

Edward Harrell (b. before 1686-1754)                                                  75

Edward Harrell’s Children                                                                        76

Henry Harrell, son of Edward (b. c. 1715-1777)                                      77

Henry and Rachel Harrell’s Children                                                         77

Reuben Harrell (b. c. 1750; died after 1809)                                             77

Benjamin Harrell (b. c. 1750; died 1809)                                                  78

Benjamin and Jemima Harrell’s Children                                                    78

George Harrell (b. before 1790)                                                               78

Henry Harrell (b. before 1788)                                                                 78

Powell Harrell ( b. before 1790; died 1837)                                              78

Ann P. Harrell                                                                                           79

John P. Harrell (b. c. 1817)                                                                       79

Mary P. Harrell (b. 1835)                                                                         79

Powell A./H. Harrell (born 1837)                                                              79

Rachel Harrell                                                                                           79

Winnefred Harrell                                                                                     79  

Celia Harrell                                                                                             79

Henry Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1750)                                                                    79

Whitmell Harrell (b. c. 1750-1785)                                                           79

John Wimberly Harrell (b. c. 1750)                                                           80

David Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                         80

Joseph Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                        80

Edward Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                      80

Pharaby Pulle Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                             80

Rachel Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                        80

Barbara Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                      80

Elizabeth Harrell (b. c. 1755)                                                                     80

Joshua Harrell, son of Edward (b. c. 1715)                                                81

Josuah and Ann Harrell’s Children                                                             81

Christopher Harrell                                                                                    81

Catherine Harrell                                                                                       81

Ann Harrell                                                                                               81

Hodges Harrell                                                                                          81

Elizabeth Harrell                                                                                        81

Wynnah Harrell                                                                                         81

Josiah Harrell                                                                                            81

Hezekiah Harrell                                                                                       81

Jeremiah Harrell                                                                                        81

Thomas Harrell, son of Edward (b. c. 1715; died 1791)                            81

Thomas and Angelica Harrell’s Children                                                    82

John Harrell                                                                                              82

Joseph Harrell                                                                                           82

Elenor Jordon                                                                                          82

Mary Lassiter                                                                                         82

Mary Harrell Andrews, daughter of Edward (b. c. 1715)                          82

George Harrell (A possible son of Edward)                                               82

Francis Harrell (born before 1700)                                                       82

Francis and Mary Harrell’s Children                                                          83

Jacob Harrell, son of Francis (b. 1716)                                                      84

Jacob Harrell Jr. (b. 1750)                                                                        84

Rabey Harrell (b. 1787)                                                                            84

Cader Harrell (b. 1790)                                                                            84

Polly Harrell McMurtry (b. 1793)                                                           84

John Harrell, son of Francis (b. before 1738)                                             84

Francis Harrell Jr. (b. before 1738)                                                            84

William Harrell, son of Francis (b. before 1738)                                         85

Shadrach Harrell, son of Francis (b. before 1738)                                      85

Mary Harrell Averit, daughter of Francis (b. before 1738)                        85

Sarah Harrell Saulsbury, daughter of Francis (b. before 1738)                  85

Elizabeth Harrell, daughter of Francis (b. before 1738)                              85

Martha Harrell, daughter of Francis (b. before 1738)                                 85

Richard Harrell (born before 1673)                                                      85

Richard and Margaret Harrell’s Children                                                   86

Dempsey Harrell, son of Richard                                                               86

James Harrell, son of Richard (born before 1716)                                       86

James and Grace Harrell’s Children                                                            87

Arthur Harrell (b. before 1760)                                                                  87

Willis Harrell (b. before 1760)                                                                   87

James Harrell Jr. (b. before 1760)                                                             87

Joel Harrell (b, before 1760)                                                                     87

Priscilla Harrell Page (b. before 1760)                                                      87

Ephraim Page                                                                                           87

Titus Page                                                                                                87

Allen Page                                                                                               87

Grace Harrell Purvis (b. before 1760)                                                      87

Sarah Harrell (b. before 1760)                                                                  87

Elizabeth Harrell (b. before 1760)                                                             87

Mary Harrell (b. before 1760)                                                                  87

John Harrell, son of Richard (b. before 1716)                                            88

John Harrell’s Children                                                                               88

Moses Harrell, son of John (b. c. 1735)                                                    88

Bayley Harrell, son of John (b. c. 1735)                                                    88

Lemuel Harrell Sr., son of John (b. c. 1735-1781)                                    88

Lemuel and Mary Harrell’s Children                                                         89

Lemuel Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1760)                                                                 89

John Harrell (b. c. 1760)                                                                          89

John and Winnefred Harrell’s Children                                                      89

Thomas Harrell                                                                                         89

Joshua Harrell                                                                                           89

James Harrell                                                                                            89

Riddick Harrell Sr. (b. c. 1803-d. 1873)                                                   90

Riddick and Mary Harrell’s children                                                          90

Dorsey Harrell (b. c. 1824)                                                                       90

Penelope Harrell Freeman (b. c. 1830)                                                    90

Betsy Harrell Williams (b. c. 1829)                                                          90

Reddick Harrell Jr. (b. c. 1836)                                                                90

Mary Ann Harrell Hobbs (b. c. 1839)                                                      90

David Harrell ( b. c. 1841)                                                                       90

Joseph Harrell (b. c. 1846)                                                                       90

Starkey Taylor Harrell (b. 1849)                                                               90

Ephraim Harrell                                                                                         91

Ritty Harrell Hughs                                                                                  91

Zilpha Harrell Harrell                                                                                91

John Harrell                                                                                              91

Penelope Harrell                                                                                       91

Mary Harrell                                                                                             91

Cynthia Harrell                                                                                          91

Nancy (b. c. 1760)                                                                                    91

Elijah (b. c. 1765; died 1795)                                                                    91

Reuben (b. c. 1765)                                                                                  91

Solomon Harrell, son of John                                                                     92

Judith Harrell Higgs, daughter of John                                                       92

Lucy Harrell Davenport, daughter of John                                                92

Amos Harrell, son of John (b. c. 1740)                                                      92

Amos Harrell’s Children                                                                            92

Renna Harrell Peele                                                                                  92

Charity Harrell Powell (b. c. 1777)                                                            92

Betsey Harrell                                                                                            92

Parthenia Harrell                                                                                        92

Sally Harrell                                                                                               92

Nancy B. Harrell                                                                                        92

Gideon Harrell, son of John                                                                        92

Richard Harrell Jr.                                                                                      93

Martha Harrell Sheppard, daughter of Richard                                           93

Zilpha Harrell Scott, daughter of Richard                                                    93

Elizabeth Harrell Spivey, daughter of Richard                                             93

Sarah Harrell Hobbs, daughter of Richard                                                  93

Ann Harrell Felton, daughter of Richard                                                     93

Margaret Harrell Hill, daughter of Richard                                                  93

Mary Harrell Eason, daughter of Richard                                                    93

Isaac Harrell (died 1815)                                                                         93

Isaac and Patience Harrell’s Children                                                           93

Job Harrell, son of Isaac                                                                              93

Noah Harrell                                                                                               94

Isaac Harrell                                                                                                94

Thomas Harrell                                                                                            94

George Harrell                                                                                             94

Amos Harrell, son of Isaac                                                                           94

John Harrell                                                                                                 94

Joseph Harrell, son of Isaac                                                                         94

Samuel Harrell                                                                                             94

Henry Harrell                                                                                               94

Merideth Harrell, son of Isaac                                                                      94

Jemima Harrell, daughter of Isaac                                                                 94

Sally Harrell, daughter of Isaac                                                                     94

Betsey Harrell, daughter of Isaac                                                                  94

Jennett Harrell, daughter of Isaac                                                                 94

George Harrell (born before 1710)                                                              94

Absolom Harrell (died 1757)                                                                       95

John Harrell, son of Absolom                                                                       95

Chapter 4: Hertford County’s 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations                   96

Early Settlers in The Hertford Area                                                        96

Early Bertie County Deeds in The Hertford area                                           96

Bertie County Tax Lists in the Hertford area                                                 102

The First Generation of Hertford County Harrells                                 104

Adam Senior—1st Generation Hertford Harrell                                            104

John Harrell Esquire—1st Generation Hertford Harrell                                  105

Elijah—1st Generation Hertford Harrell                                                        107

Joseph—1st Generation Hertford Harrell                                                      108

The Early Tax Lists and the 1790 census for Hertford County                       108

The Second Generation of Hertford County Harrells                             114

Adam Junior—2nd Generation Harrell                                                          114

Thomas—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                 114

William One—2nd Generation Harrell                                                          114

Edward—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                 115

James—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                    115

Benjamin—2nd Generation Harrell                                                               115

Samuel—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                  115

William Two—2nd Generation Harrell                                                          117

Nathan—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                  118

Willis—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                     120

Jesse—2nd Generation Harrell                                                                     121

The Probable Connections Between The 1st and 2nd Generations                 121

Adam Harrell Senior’s Possible and Probable Sons                                       122

Adam Harrell Jr.                                                                                           122

Thomas Harrell                                                                                             122

William Harrell One                                                                                      122

Edward Harrell                                                                                             123

James Harrell                                                                                               123

John Harrell Esquire’s Possible and Probable Sons                                       123

Benjamin Harrell                                                                                          124

William Harrell Two                                                                                     124

Nathan Harrell                                                                                             124

Samuel Harrell                                                                                             125

Elijah Harrell’s Possible and Probable Sons                                                  125

Jesse Harrell                                                                                                125

Willis Harrell                                                                                                126

The Third Generation of Hertford County Harrells                                126

Starkey Sharp Harrell—3rd Generation                                                         129

Sarah “Sally” Harrell Bond—3rd Generation                                                 129

Nancy Harrell Smith Yancey—3rd Generation                                             130

Celia Harrell Morgan—3rd Generation                                                         130

John Harrell (born c. 1794)—3rd Generation                                                 130

Josiah Harrell (b. 1798)—3rd Generation                                                       131

Elizabeth Harrell Parker (b. c. 1798)—3rd Generation                                   131

Eley Harrell (born 1770-1775)—3rd Generation                                             132

Elijah Harrell Two (born 1780-1784)—3rd Generation                                   132

John T. Harrell (born 1790-1794)—3rd Generation                                        132

Elisah Harrell (born 1790-1800)—3rd Generation                                          133

Thomas Harrell Two (born before 1775)—3rd Generation                              133

David Harrell (from Gates County)—3rd Generation                                       134

Abner Harrell (from Gates County)—3rd Generation                                       134

Mary Harrell Wilson (from Gates County)—3rd Generation                             135

James Harrell (from Gates County, via Virginia)—3rd Generation                     135

Cadar and Lemuel Harrell—3rd Generation                                                     135

The Possible and Probable Connections Between The 2nd & 3rd Generations  137

Ages for The 3rd Generation Hertford County Harrells                                     137

The Age Categories for The Children of The 2nd Generation                            137

The Possible Matches Between the 2nd and 3rd Generations                            141

Some Probable Matches Between the 2nd and 3rd Generations                        142

Chapter 5: John T., Eley, Elijah Two, Elisah, Thomas Two and Their Descendants                                                                                             147

The 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells                                               149

John T. Harrell (born 1790-1794)—3rd Generation                                   150

John T. and Rose Anna Harrell’s Descendants                                                 152

Matilda Ann Harrell Modlin (b. 1820)—4th Generation                                  153

Matilda Harrell and Henry Modlin’s children                                                    155

Alfred Modlin (b. 1839)—5th Generation                                                       155

Margaret Ann Modlin (b. 1842)—5th Generation                                           155

Henry Thomas Modlin (b. 1843)—5th Generation                                          155

Mary Ellen Modlin (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                                156

Emeline Modlin Miller (b. 1848)—5th Generation                                         156

Emeline Modlin and William Miller’s Children                                                   157

Catherine A. Miller (b. 1869)—6th Generation                                               157

Henry T. Miller (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                     157

Bettie A. Miller (b. 1873)—6th Generation                                                     157

Ollie D. Miller (b. 1875) (daughter)—6th Generation                                      157

Fannie B. Miller (b, 1877)—6th Generation                                                    157

Rosa L. Miller (b. 1879)—6th Generation                                                       157

Henreitta Modlin (b. 1851)—5th Generation                                                   157

William Quinton Modlin (b. 1852)—5th Generation                                         157

Martha Elizabeth Modlin (b. 1856)—5th Generation                                        158

Matilda Modlin (b. 1859)—5th Generation                                                      158

David Edward Modlin (b. 1855)—5th Generation                                            158

Nancy Harrell (b. 1826-1830)—4th Generation                                                158

Mason Cherry Harrell (b. 1826-1830)—4th Generation                                    158

Sarah Elizabeth Harrell (b. 1831-1835)—4th Generation                                   158

Etheldred Harrell (b. 1815-1820)—4th Generation                                            158

James Thomas Harrell (b. 1816-1820)—4th Generation                                    159

Asa Harrell (b. 1821-1825)—4th Generation                                                    159

Abner Harrell (b. 1826-1830)—4th Generation                                                 159

William R. Harrell (b. 1861)—5th Generation                                                    160

Mila A. Harrell (b. 1863)—5th Generation                                                        160

Rufus Harrell (b. 1868)—5th Generation                                                           160

Reuben Harrell (b. 1873—5th Generation                                                         160

Gicensh Harrell (b. 1876) (male)—5th Generation                                             160

Herbert Harrell (b. 1880)—5th Generation                                                        160

Eley Harrell (b. 1770-1775)—3rd Generation                                               160

Eley Harrell’s Possible and Probable Children                                                    161

Elijah Harrell Two (b. 1781-1784)—3rd Generation                                     162

Elijah Harrell Two’s Possible and Probable Children                                          165

The Age Categories of Elijah Two’s Children                                                     165

Possible 4th Generation Matches for Elijah Two’s Sons                                      165

Elijah Harrell Two’s Most Probable Son                                                             166

Thomas Harrell Three (b. 1811)—4th Generation                                               166

Henderson W. Harrell (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                               166

Amelia “Millie” Ann Harrell Harrell (b. 1848)—5th Generation                            167

George W. Harrell (b. 1850)—5th Generation                                                    167

Elisah Harrell (b. 1790-1800)—3rd Generation                                             167

Age Categories and best 4th Generation Matches for Elisah Harrell’s Children     168

Thomas Harrell Two (b. before 1775)—3rd Generation                                168

Thomas Harrell Two’s Possible and Probable Children                                        169

The Age Categories of Thomas Two’s Children                                                  169

4th Generation Matches with Their Possible Fathers                                            169

The Unattached 4th Generation Harrells Considered in This Chapter         170

John Harrell (b. 1804-1810)—4th Generation                                                     171

John (1804-1810) and Harriet Harrell’s Children                                                 172

John Wilson Harrell   (b. July 1831)—5th Generation                                           173

John Wilson and Mary E. S. Harrell’s Children                                                     177

Selwyn T. Harrell (b. 1855)—6th Generation                                                       177

Joseph E. Harrell (b. 1858)—6th Generation                                                        177

Claudius E. or L. Harrell (b. 1861)—6th Generation                                             177

John H. Harrell (b. 1863)—6th Generation                                                           178

Charles L. Harrell (b. 1866)—6th Generation                                                       178

Enice Harrell (b. 1869)—6th Generation                                                              178

Alpheus Harrell (b. 1835)—5th Generation                                                          178

Celia Harrell (b. after 1837)—5th Generation                                                       178

George Harrell (b. 1791-1800)—4th Generation                                                  178

Isaac (b. 1815) and Delilah Harrell—4th Generation                                             179

Delilah Harrell’s Children                                                                                      180

George T. Harrell (b. 1837)—5th Generation                                                        181

George T. and Sarah Harrell’s Children                                                                 182

Wilson Harrell (b. 1860)—6th Generation                                                             182

Irvin Harrell (b. 1861)—6th Generation                                                                 182

Calvin Harrell (b. 1863)—6th Generation                                                              182

Charles Harrell (b. 1865)—6th Generation                                                            182

Henry (Lafayette) Harrell (b. 1868)—6th Generation                                             182

Jerome Harrell (b. 1870)—6th Generation                                                             182

James D. Harrell (b. 1841)—5th Generation                                                          183

James D. and Mary Jane Harrell’s Children                                                            183

Jamie W. Harrell (b. 1867)—6th Generation                                                          183

Albany Harrell (b. 1869)—6th Generation                                                              183

William H. Harrell (b. 1843)—5th Generation                                                        183

William H. and Amelia Ann Harrell’s Son                                                               184

Thomas H. Harrell (b. 1870)—6th Generation                                                        184

John Harrell (b. 1845)—5th Generation                                                                  184

John and Emma Harrell’s Children                                                                          184

J. C. Harrell (b. 1873) (son)—6th Generation                                                         184

C. D. Harrell (b. 1877) (son)—6th Generation                                                        184

Starkey Harrell (b. 1852)—5th Generation                                                              185

Mary E. Harrell Hill (b. 1855)—5th Generation                                                      185

Enoch Harrell (b. 1800-1810)—4th Generation                                                       185

John Harrell (b. 1810-1820)—4th Generation                                                          185

Joseph Harrell (b. 1829)—4th Generation                                                                186

William Harrell (b. 1825)—4th Generation                                                               186

William and Mariah Harrell’s Children                                                                      187

Mary Elizabeth Harrell (b. 1848)—5th Generation                                                    187

M. S. Harrell Modlin (b. 1852)—5th Generation                                                     187

Martha S. Harrell and Frederick Modlin’s Children                                                   188

Alla P. Modlin (b. 1873)—6th Generation                                                               188

William H. Modlin (b. 1874)—6th Generation                                                         188

Joseph L. Modlin (b. 1878)—6th Generation                                                          188

E. S. Harrell (b. 1852)(female)—5th Generation                                                      188

William Harrell (b. 1830)—4th Generation                                                               188

Chapter 6: Nathan & Elizabeth’s Known Descendants                     189

Nancy Harrell Smith Yancey (b. c. 1790)—3rd Generation                               190

Nancy Harrell Smith Yancey’s Children                                                                   192

William Nathan Harrell Smith (born in 1812)—4th Generation                                192

William Nathan Harrell and Mary Smith’s Children                                                  193

James Smith (b. 1840)—5th Generation                                                                 194

William M. Smith (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                          194

Edward C. Smith (b. 1858)—5th Generation                                                          194

Antonio Pond Yancey (b. 1825)—4th Generation                                                   194

Sarah “Sally” Harrell Bond (b. 1784-1790)—3rd Generation                            194

Celia Harrell Morgan (b. 1791-1794)—3rd Generation                                      195

Age Categories of Celia Harrell and James Morgan’s Children                                  196

Starkey Sharp Harrell Sr. (born 1786)—3rd Generation                                    196

Starkey S. and Elizabeth Harrell’s Children                                                               198

Mary Harrell Jernigan (b. 1813)—4th Generation                                                   198

Mary Harrell & Lemuel Jernigan’s Children                                                              200

John H. Jernigan (b. 1836)—5th Generation                                                          200

Thomas Roberts Jernigan (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                             200

Thomas B. and Fannie Jernigan’s children                                                                 201

Paul Jernigan (b. 1886)—6th Generation                                                                201

Frances Jernigan (b. 1887)—6th Generation                                                           201

Roberts Harrell Jernigan (b. 1895)—6th Generation                                               201

Roberts Harrell Jernigan Junior—7th Generation                                                     201

Roberts Harrell Jernigan III—8th Generation                                                          201

Elizabeth Williams Jernigan—8th Generation                                                           201

Clawson Jernigan—8th Generation                                                                         201

Starkey Jernigan (b. 1893)—6th Generation                                                           201

Mary H. Jernigan (b. in 1850)—5th Generation                                                      201

Nancy Harrell Sharp (b. 1811-1815)—4th Generation                                             202

Nancy and Thomas B. Sharp’s Children                                                                    202

Celia E. Sharp (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                                               202

Starkey S. Harrell Jr. (b. in 1828)—4th Generation                                                  202

Chapter 7: John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell, 3rd Generation   205

John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell                                                                 206

John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred’s Children                                                           207

John Whitmell Harrell (b. 1814)—4th Generation                                           209

John W. & Martha Harrell’s Descendants                                                            212

Sarah M. “Sallie” Harrell Hall (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                    212

Sarah M. Harrell & Job R. Hall’s Children                                                           212

John H. Hall (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                               212

Charles E. Hall (b. 1873)—6th Generation                                                          212

Marvin Hall (b. 1874)—6th Generation                                                               213

Henry Francis Harrell (b. 1816)—4th Generation                                                  213

Evaline Mary Harrell Pruden (b. 1818)—4th Generation                                      213

Olivia Young Harrell Montgomery (b. 1820)—4th Generation                            213

Catherine Amanda Harrell Montgomery (b. 1822)—4th Generation            213

C. Amanda Harrell & William M. Montgomery’s Children                                   215

William P. Montgomery (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                           215

Mary Eleanor Montgomery Hayes (b. 1848)—5th Generation                            215

Walon Hayes (b. 1871)—6th Generation                                                           217

Mary Hayes (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                             217

Ernest Hayes (b. 1874)—6th Generation                                                            217

Lula Hayes (b. 1878)—6th Generation                                                               217

Maggie Montgomery Mathews (b. 1851)—5th Generation                                 217

Robert Montgomery (b. 1853)—5th Generation                                                217

Rosa Montgomery Mitchell (b. 1855)—5th Generation                                      217

Kate B. Montgomery Blanchard (b. 1856)—5th Generation                               217

Olivia “Ollie” Montgomery Hayes (b. 1861)—5th Generation                              217

Jarret Norfleet Harrell (b. 1824)—4th Generation                                          218

Jarret Norfleet and Ellen Harrell’s Children                                                            220

Gertrude Harrell Vaughan (b. 1867)—5th Generation                                          220

Gertrude Harrell & Charles T. Vaughan’s Children                                                221

Ellen Vaughan Wiggins (b. 1893)—6th Generation                                               221

John N. Vaughan (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                       221

Linda Harrell Walke (b. 1875)—5th Generation                                                   221

William Joseph Harrell (b. 1826)—4th Generation                                          221

William Joseph and Rebecca Harrell’s Children                                                     221

Cola R. Harrell (b. 1854)—5th Generation                                                            222

George N. Harrell (b. 1856)—5th Generation                                                        222

______ Harrell Lassiter—5th Generation                                                             222

Marmaduke Wesley Harrell (b. 1827)—4th Generation                                  222

Marmaduke W. & Martha Baker Harrell’s Children                                               224

Jane W. Harrell (b. 1858)—5th Generation                                                            224

John H. Harrell (b. 1860)—5th Generation                                                             224

John H. & Henrietta Harrell’s Children                                                                    226

Russell G. Harrell  (b. 1887)—6th Generation                                                         226

Pattie Harrell Futrell (b. 1888)—6th Generation                                                     227

Pattie Harrell and Tommy Futrell’s Children                                                             227

Pauline Futrell—7th Generation                                                                              228

Ambrice Futrell—7th Generation                                                                            228

Clarence “Mike” Futrell—7th Generation                                                                228

Thomas Edward Futrell—7th Generation                                                                 228

Dorthy Futrell—7th Generation                                                                                228

Larry Futrell—7th Generation                                                                                  228

Lloyd N. Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                              228

Martha E. B. Harrell Britton (b. 1863)—5th Generation                                           228

Martha E. B. Harrell & Thomas Britton’s Children                                                     229

Wade H. Britton (b. 1885)—6th Generation                                                            229

Clad H. Britton (b. 1888)—6th Generation                                                              229

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Britton (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                                229

Frank Harvey Britton Sr. (b. 1901)—6th Generation                                                230

Frank Harvey Britton Jr. (b. 1930)—7th Generation                                                 230

Geraldine Britton Edwards (b. 1932)—7th Generation                                               230

Gordon Britton (b. 1904)—6th Generation                                                               230

James N. Harrell (b. 1866)—5th Generation                                                              230

James N. and Debbie Harrell’s Children                                                                     231

Wertie E. Harrell (b. 1892)—6th Generation                                                              231

Jack D. Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                                                 232

Henry C. “Cecil” Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                   232

Henry Cecil and Irena Joyner Harrell’s Children                                                         232

Garland Harrell (b. c. 1927)—7th Generation                                                            232

Bessie M. Harrell (b. 1899)—6th Generation                                                             232

Norfleet Gladstone Harrell (b. 1901)—6th Generation                                                232

Rena Harrell (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                                                     233

Elizabeth C. “Bettie” Harrell Newsome (b. 1869)—5th Generation                             233

Bettie C. Harrell and Junious Newsome’s Children                                                      233

Brode Newsome—6th Generation                                                                             233

Kate Newsome—6th Generation                                                                               233

Zola Newsome—6th Generation                                                                                233

Junious Newsome Jr.—6th Generation                                                                       233

Andrew Jackson Harrell (b. 1829)—4th Generation                                              233

Andrew J. and Mary E. Deans Harrell’s Children                                                         233

Daughter Harrell Jenkins—5th Generation                                                                  233

Mary Harrell Harrell—5th Generation                                                                          234

Cecil W. Harrell—5th Generation                                                                                234

Paul Harrell—5th Generation                                                                                       234

Chapter 8: Josiah and Anna Harrell, 3rd Generation                         235

Josiah Harrell (b. 1798)—3rd Generation                                                          236

Josiah and Anna Harrell’s Friends and Neighbors                                                    240

The Modlin and Harrell Families                                                                            241

Nathan Harrell Modlin (b. 1810)—4th Generation                                                  241

Nathan Harrell and Christiana Modlin’s Children                                                     242

Miley A. Modlin (b. 1863)—5th Generation                                                           242

Penninah A. Modlin (b. 1838)—5th Generation                                                      242

Nathan H. Modlin (b. 1840)—5th Generation                                                         242

Joseph P. Modlin (b. 1842)—5th Generation                                                          242

John H. Modlin (b. 1844)—5th Generation                                                             243

John H. and M. A. Modlin’s Children                                                                     243

George Modlin (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                             243

Sarah Modlin (b. 1875)—6th Generation                                                                243

Kelley Modlin (b. 1876)—6th Generation                                                               243

William P. Modlin (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                         243

Frederick C. Modlin (b. 1850)—5th Generation                                                     243

Martha Harrell and Frederick Modlin’s Children                                                     244

Edward F. Modlin (b. 1853)—5th Generation                                                        244

The Copeland and Harrell Families                                                                        244

The Parker and Harrell Families                                                                            245

Josiah and Anna Harrell’s Children                                                                         245

Benjamin P. Harrell (b. 1821)—4th Generation                                                      246

Sons # 2, # 3, and # 4                                                                                           247

Son # 2 (b. 1823)—4th Generation                                                                       247

Son # 3 (b. 1825)—4th Generation                                                                       247

Son # 4 (b. 1831)—4th Generation                                                                       248

Mary Harrell (b. 1833)—4th Generation                                                                248

Starkey Harrell (b. 1835)—4th Generation                                                            249

Nicholas Jefferson Harrell (born 1837)—4th Generation                                250

Nicholas J. and Amanda Taylor Harrell’s Children                                                 254

Melissa “Dora” Harrell (b. 1867)—5th Generation                                                254

Irena Bertha “Bertie” Harrell Parker (b. 1870)—5th Generation                           256

“Bertie” Harrell & Roland W. Parker’s Children                                                    257

Roland Wilcox Parker (b. 1891)—6th Generation                                                257

Roland Jr. and Julia Wright Parker’s Children                                                        258

Thomas Shiply Parker (b. 1921)—7th Generation                                                258

Julia Marie Parker Hewes (b. 1945)—8th Generation                                           258

Joy Irene Parker Schmidt (b. 1955)—8th Generation                                            258

Indie Louise Parker West (b. 1923)—7th Generation                                            258

Larry Andrew Knight West (b. 1943)—8th Generation                                         259

Rebecca Melba West Baillie (b. 1949)—8th Generation                                       259

Forrest Amanda West Samnik (b. 1955)—8th Generation                                     259

George Thomas West (b. 1961)—8th Generation                                                  259

Alcie Elizabeth Parker Thornton (b. 1933)—7th Generation                                  259

Alan Parker Thornton (b. 1952)—8th Generation                                                 259

Barbara Louise Thornton Duvall (b. 1953)—8th Generation                                  259

Elizabeth Lea Thornton (b. 1961)—8th Generation                                                259

Dale Walker Thornton (b. 1963)—8th Generation                                                 260

Inez Parker Cumming (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                                  260

Alcie Parker Penick (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                     260

Marshall Stoval Penick (b. 1921)—7th Generation                                                 261

Roland Wingate Penick (b. 1923)—7th Generation                                                261

Russell Brian Penick (b. 1958)—8th Generation                                                     261

Patrica Louise Penick (b. 1961)—8th Generation                                                   261

Bettie Alice Harrell (b. 1870)—5th Generation                                                        261

Nicholas Raymond “Ramie” Harrell (b. 1872)—5th Generation                               261

Sophia Eulalia Harrell King (b. 1878)—5th Generation                                           262

Sophia E. Harrell and Ernest L. King’s Children                                                      264

Rudolph Hunter King (b. 1902)—6th Generation                                                   264

Hodges King (b. 1904)—6th Generation                                                               264

Lynwood H. King (b. 1905)—6th Generation                                                        264

Ernestine Amanda King Edwards (b. 1907)—6th Generation                                 264

Edgar Everett Edwards Jr. (b. 1937)—7th Generation                                           265

Evert E. Jr. and Patricia Moore Edwards’ Children                                                 265

Stephen Craig Edwards (b. 1959)—8th Generation                                               265

Thomas Scott Edwards (b. 1961)—8th Generation                                                265

Mildred King Odom Harrison Easter Meyers (born 1909)—6th Generation       265

Henry Clay Odom Jr. (b. 1929)—7th Generation                                                   265

Henry Jr. and Mary’s Children                                                                                265

Jeffery Clay Odom (b. 1955)—8th Generation                                                        265

Ernest Linwood Odom (b. 1960)—8th Generation                                                  265

Leslie Harrell King (b. 1911)—6th Generation                                                        266

Herman Leslie Harrell (b. 1880)—5th Generation                                                    266

Herman L. Sr. and Alice Allison Harrell’s Children                                                   267

Herman Leslie “Jim” Harrell Jr. (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                       267

Alice Theresa Harrell Mullens (b. 1929)—7th Generation                                       268

Steven Robert Mullens (b. 1948)—8th Generation                                                 268

Nancy Theresa Mullens (b. 1950)—8th Generation                                                268

Michael Patrick Mullens (b. 1964)—8th Generation                                               268

Audrey Louise Harrell Prather (b. 1931)—7th Generation                                       268

Christy Ellen Prather (b. 1950)—8th Generation                                                     268

Cary Harrell Prather (b. 1954)—8th Generation                                                     268

Shery Prather (b. 1957)—8th Generation                                                               268

Nicholas Jordan Harrell (b. 1907)—6th Generation                                                  269

Roland Parker Harrell (b. 1912)—6th Generation                                                     269

Richard Carl Harrell (b. 1934)—7th Generation                                                        269

Richard Carl Harrell, Jr. (b. 1957)—8th Generation                                                  269

Roland Timothy Harrell (b. 1959)—8th Generation                                                   269

Roger Herman Harrell (b. 1936)—7th Generation                                                     269

Lorie Lynn Harrell Carlson (b. 1956)—8th Generation                                             269

Robert James Harrell (b. 1940)—7th Generation                                                      270

Marcie Renaue Harrell Perrin (b. 1963)—8th Generation                                         270

Tracy Diane Harrell Dodge Johnson (b. 1966)—8th Generation                              270

William Parker Harrell (b. 1971)—8th Generation                                                    270

India “Indie” Harrell Atkinson (b. 1889)—5th Generation                                        270

Anna M. Harrell (Askew?) (b. 1841)—4th Generation                                        271

Anna M. and William Askew’s Children                                                                    273

Nicholas Walter Askew (b. 1862)—5th Generation                                                  274

Mary E. Askew Trueblood (b. 1864)—5th Generation                                             274

Mary E. Askew and Noah Trueblood’s Children                                                        274

William H. Trueblood (b. 1882)—6th Generation                                                      275

Claud H. Trueblood (b. 1884)—6th Generation                                                        275

Samuel G. Trueblood (b. 1888)—6th Generation                                                      275

Paul R. Trueblood (b. 1890)—6th Generation                                                           275

Hattie C. Trueblood (b. 1892)—6th Generation                                                        275

Annabel Trueblood (b. c. 1894)—6th Generation                                                      275

Alvin (Elvin) J. Trueblood (b. 1896)—6th Generation                                                275

Lucile E. Trueblood (b. 1898)—6th Generation                                                         275

Norman N. Trueblood (b. 1904)—6th Generation                                                     275

Mary E. Trueblood (b. 1907)—6th Generation                                                          275

Harriet A. Askew (b. 1868)—5th Generation                                                             276

Robert H. Askew (b. 1874)—5th Generation                                                             276

Barsha Edna Harrell Hollomon (b. 1846)—4th Generation                                   276

Barsha Harrell and Kindred Holloman’s Children                                                         278

Roland Handcock Holloman (b. 1872)—5th Generation                                            279

Leeland Hill Holloman (b. 1873)—5th Generation                                                      279

Grace Holloman (b. 1875)—5th Generation                                                              279

Geneva Holloman Doughtie (b. 1877)—5th Generation                                             279

Geneva Holloman and John W. Doughtie’s Children                                                    281

Kelly Belmont Doughtie (b. 1900)—6th Generation                                                   281

Kelly and Martha Doughtie’s Children                                                                         281

Geneva Doughtie Lowe (b. 1925)—7th Generation                                                     281

Horace Kelly Doughtie (b. 1928)—7th Generation                                                     281

Thomas Truit Doughtie (b. 1931)—7th Generation                                                     281

Sible Adel Doughtie (b. 1934)—7th Generation                                                         281

Janet Doughtie (b. c. 1936)—7th Generation                                                             281

Grace Lee Doughtie Seed (b. 1902)—6th Generation                                                 281

Annie Doughtie Overton (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                                   282

Griffin (Nicholas Griffin) Daughtie (b. 1905)—6th Generation                                     282

Sarah “Sally” Josie Holloman (b. 1879)—5th Generation                                            282

Sally Holloman and Thomas Green’s Children                                                             282

Carla Estelle Green Lebow (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                                282

Carla and James Lebow’s Children                                                                              282

Juanita Carla Lebow Seibert (b. 1923)—7th Generation                                             283

Juanita and Kenneth Seibert’s Children                                                                        283

Sharon Lee Seibert Thompson Heacock (b. 1943)—8th Generation                          283

Ronald Jay Seibert (b. 1945)—8th Generation                                                           283

Gary Edward Seibert—8th Generation                                                                       283

Susan Lynn Seibert Jones—8th Generation                                                                283

Joanne Gail Seibert Raymond Heck—8th Generation                                                283

Lee Russell Seibert (b. 1959)—8th Generation                                                          284

Steven Paul Seibert—8th Generation                                                                         284

James Clyde Lebow—7th Generation                                                                         284

Bryan Clinton Lebow—7th Generation                                                                        284

Bruce Arnold Lebow—7th Generation                                                                        284

Ardith Lucille Lebow Mahon—7th Generation                                                            284

Loren David Lebow—7th Generation                                                                          284

Urcle Aline Green—6th Generation                                                                             284

Bruce Green—6th Generation                                                                                     284

Joseph Addison Holloman (b. 1881)—5th Generation                                                284

Bessie Holloman (b. 1884)—5th Generation                                                               284

Chapter 9: Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker, 3rd Generation         285

Elizabeth Harrell Parker (born 1798)—3rd Generation                                                285

Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker’s Children                                                               288

John Perry Parker (b. 1828)—4th Generation                                                       288

Oris (b. 1829)—4th Generation                                                                               288

Oris and Indiana Parker’s Children                                                                             290

Osceala Parker (b. 1867)—5th Generation                                                               290

Oler S. Parker (b. after 1880)—5th Generation                                                         290

Sarah Alice Parker Harrell Harrell (b. 1831)—4th Generation                                     290

Sarah A. Parker & Joseph B. Harrell                                                                          291

Sarah A. Parker and Joseph B. Harrell’s Children                                                       292

Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland (b. 1854)—5th Generation                                          292

Elizabeth A. Harrell and James A. Copeland’s Children                                               293

Bingham Edward Copeland (b. 1878)—6th Generation                                              293

Bingham & Lucy Copeland’s Children                                                                         294

Margaret Vann Copeland (b. 1906)—7th Generation                                                 294

Harry Shepherd Copeland (b. 1908)—7th Generation                                                294

India Boardman Copeland Gerock (b. 1880)—6th Generation                                    294

India B. & Matthew O. Gerock’s Children                                                                   294

Lois May Gerock (b. 1902)—7th Generation                                                              294

Faye Sidney Gerock (b. 1904)—7th Generation                                                          294

Matthew Osten Gerock Jr. (b. 1911)—7th Generation                                                 294

Alsia xxxal Gerock (b. 1916) (daughter)—7th Generation                                            295

William Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation                                                        295

William J. and Bettie Rice Harrell’s Children                                                                 296

Helen Harrell Williford (b. 1891)—6th Generation                                                       296

Dockery Teele Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                                         296

Sallie A. Harrell Jenkins (b. 1904)—6th Generation                                                    297

Sallie A. and Wayland Jenkins’ Children                                                                       297

Wayland Lawrence Jenkins Jr. (b. c. 1933)—7th Generation                                      297

Joseph Henry Jenkins (b. c. 1935)—7th Generation                                                    297

Olivia Frances Jenkins (b. c. 1935)—7th Generation                                                   297

Edward Cary Harrell (b. 1859)—5th Generation                                                           297

Edward Cary Harrell’s Children                                                                                    298

Revah Harrell (b. 1892)—6th Generation                                                                     298

Kathleen Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                                                 298

Mary E. Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                                  298

Ann Elizabeth Parker (b. 1833)—4th Generation                                                    298

Ellen Susan Parker Parker (b. 1836)—4th Generation                                           298

Ellen S. Parker and William T. Parker’s Children                                                          299

Lenorah T. Parker (b. 1862)—5th Generation                                                             299

Ann E. Parker (b. 1865)—5th Generation                                                                   299

Lulie P. Parker (b. 1868)—5th Generation                                                                  299

Jason O. Parker (b. 1873)—5th Generation                                                                299

George Washington Parker (b. 1837)—4th Generation                                          299

Peter Perry Parker (b. 1838)—4th Generation                                                        299

Peter Perry and Martha Hudgins Parker’s Children                                                      300

Frederick Hudgins Parker (b. 1876)—5th Generation                                                 300

Martha E. Parker (b.     )—6th Generation                                                                 301

Algernon Meridith Parker (b.     )—6th Generation                                                     301

Frances Elizabeth Parker (b.     )—6th Generation                                                      301

Harry Parker (b. 1883)—5th Generation                                                                    301

Bessie Parker (b. 1885)—5th Generation                                                                   301

William Cary Parker (b. 1840)—4th Generation                                                     301

William Cary and Sarah Q. Parker’s Children                                                              302

Paul D. Parker (b. 1866)—5th Generation                                                                 302

Roland W. Parker (b. 1867)—5th Generation                                                            303

Jacob Parker (b. 1869)—5th Generation                                                                    303

Emma W. Parker (b. 1870)—5th Generation                                                              303

Alfred R. Parker (b. 1875)—5th Generation                                                               303

Wilmer W. Parker (b. 1878)—5th Generation                                                            303

Joy (?) Parker Jenkins (b. after 1880)—5th Generation                                              303

Chapter 10: Immigrants to The 3rd Generation of Hertford County Harrells                                                                                                  304

3rd Generation Hertford County Harrells—Born in Gates County                                  304

David Harrell (born 1770-1775)—3rd Generation                                                  304

David Sr. and Ann Harrell’s Descendants                                                                    305

David Harrell Jr. (b. 1807)—4th Generation                                                                306

David Jr. and Sally Harrell’s Children                                                                           308

Henry D. Harrell (b. 1843)—5th Generation                                                                308

Henry D. & Rebecca E. Harrell’s Children                                                                   311

Lymon Delk Harrell (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                           312

Ella E. Harrell Hardin (b. 1876)—6th Generation                                                        312

Edgar Judson Harrell (b. 1877)—6th Generation                                                         312

Ada E. Harrell (b. 1881)—6th Generation                                                                   312

Lula J. Harrell (b. 1883)—6th Generation                                                                    312

Gilbert L. Harrell (b. 1845)—5th Generation                                                               312

Gilbert L. & Martha S. Harrell’s Children                                                                    314

Mary A. Harrell (b. 1871)—6th Generation                                                                 314

David J. Harrell (b. 1874)—6th Generation                                                                 314

George J. Harrell (b. 1876)—6th Generation                                                               314

George & Pearl Harrell’s Descendants                                                                        315

Gilbert Harrell (b. 1906)—7th Generation                                                                   315

Vivian Harrell (b. 1908)—7th Generation                                                                    315

George Wingate Harrell (b. 1911)—7th Generation                                                     315

James Robert Harrell Sr. (b. 1913)—7th Generation                                                   315

James Robert & Virginia Dunlow Harrell’s Children                                                     315

Bobby Ray Harrell (b. 1941)—8th Generation                                                            316

James Robert Harrell Jr. (b. 1944)—8th Generation                                                    316

Charles Randall Harrell (b. 1948)—8th Generation                                                      316

Judy Harrell Vinson (b. 1952)—8th Generation                                                          316

Lloyd Thompson Harrell (b. 1915)—7th Generation                                                    316

Mervin Wilson Harrell (b. 1918)—7th Generation                                                        316

Myrtle Pearl Harrell (b. 1922)—7th Generation                                                           316

Mavis Elizabeth Harrell Hill (b. 1926)—7th Generation                                               316

Sarah Mariah Harrell (b. 1877)—6th Generation                                                         317

Martha Ann Harrell Brickell (b. 1880)—6th Generation                                             317

Mariah A. Harrell Shaw (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                    317

Mariah A. Harrell and James D. Shaw’s Children                                                        318

T. G. Shaw (b. 1860)—6th Generation                                                                       318

William H. D. Shaw (b. 1864)—6th Generation                                                          318

Jimnie Shaw (b. 1871)—6th Generation                                                                      318

Julius J. Harrell (b. 1850)—5th Generation                                                                  318

Elizabeth W. “Bettie” Harrell Phelps (b. 1852)—5th Generation                                  318

M. C. Harrell (b. 1855)—5th Generation                                                                     319

Theodosie E. Harrell (b. 1859)—5th Generation                                                          319

Robert E. Harrell (b. 1863)—5th Generation                                                               319

Mary Harrell Wilson (b. 1788)—3rd Generation                                                    319

Abner C. Harrell (born 1790)—3rd Generation                                                      320

Abner C. Harrell’s Children                                                                                         324

Alpha B. Harrell (b. 1812)—4th Generation                                                                 325

Alpha B. and Ann E. Harrell’s Children                                                                        326

John Abner Harrell (b. 1841)—5th Generation                                                             327

Edward L. Harrell (b. 1843)—5th Generation                                                              327

Artemas C. Harrell (b. 1845)—5th Generation                                                             328

Melissa J. Harrell (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                                328

Leonides Harrell (b. 1850)—5th Generation                                                                 328

Herbert B. Harrell (b. 1858)—5th Generation                                                               329

Sarah A. Harrell Askew (b. 1822)—4th Generation                                                      329

Sarah A. & John O. Askew’s Children                                                                          330

Anna Askew (b. 1840)—5th Generation                                                                       331

Abner H. Askew (b. 1844)—5th Generation                                                                 331

Mary R. Askew Shaw (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                         332

Willie P. Shaw (b. 1872)—6th Generation                                                                     333

Sarah Shaw (b. 1878)—6th Generation                                                                         333

John A. Shaw (b. 1884)—6th Generation                                                                      333

Pattie E. (Martha) Askew Askew (b. 1849)—5th Generation                                        333

John O. Askew Jr. (b. 1851)—5th Generation                                                              333

John O. Jr. and Mary D. Askew’s Children                                                                   334

Lilian C. Askew (b. 1878)—6th Generation                                                                  334

Nora V. Askew (b. 1881)—6th Generation                                                                  334

Louise Britton—7th Generation                                                                                    335

Mabel Britton—7th Generation                                                                                    335

John A. Askew (b. 1888)—6th Generation                                                                   335

Mary L. Askew (b. 1891)—6th Generation                                                                  335

Grady D. Askew (b. 1893)—6th Generation                                                                335

William S. Askew (b. 1853)—5th Generation                                                               335

William J. Harrell (b. 1828)—4th Generation                                                                 336

Mary E. Harrell Garrett (b. 1837)—4th Generation                                                      336

Lucy Francis Harrell Reed (b. 1851)—4th Generation                                                   336

Ellen Riddick Harrell Beverly (b. 1855)—4th Generation                                              336

Ellen R. Harrell and Benjamin Beverly’s Children                                                            337

Clara Beverly (b. 1876)—5th Generation                                                                     337

Allen H. Beverly (b. 1886)—5th Generation                                                                 337

Mattie Beverly (b. 1888)—5th Generation                                                                    337

Cora Beverly (b. 1891)—5th Generation                                                                      337

George A. Beverly (b. 1894)—5th Generation                                                              337

James Harrell (b. 1792)—3rd Generation                                                                  337

James Harrell’s Children                                                                                                 340

James Albert Harrell (Harrold) (b. 1822)—4th Generation                                              340

James Albert and Sallie Skinner Harrell’s (Harrold) Children                                           343

Jesse Harrold (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                                                       343

Martha J. Harrold (b. 1848)—5th Generation                                                                343

Carolina Harrold Chase—5th Generation                                                                     343

William Bernard Harrell (b. 1823)—4th Generation                                                       343

William Bernard and Ann Battle Harrell’s Children                                                         344

Leon Harrell (b. 1861)—5th Generation                                                                        344

Helen Harrell (b. 1865)—5th Generation                                                                       345

Mabel Harrell Woolfolk Hines—5th Generation                                                           345

Albert Bernard Harrell—5th Generation                                                                         345

William Peyton Harrell—5th Generation                                                                         345

Virginia Frances Harrell Halsey (b. 1832)—4th Generation                                           345

Joseph Holiday Harrell (b. 1833)—4th Generation                                                         345

Joseph H. and Emma Taylor Shaw Harrell’s Children                                                     346

Deidamia Harrell (b.1861)—5th Generation                                                                   346

Eber Shaw Harrell (b. 1862)—5th Generation                                                                347

Eber Shaw and Elizabeth “Lily” Kelly Harrell’s Children                                                  347

Emily Theresa Harrell Marsh Withers (b. 1892)—6th Generation                                 347

Walter Frederick Marsh (b. 1918)—7th Generation                                                       347

Naomi Harrell (Harrold) Boring (b. 1894)—6th Generation                                            347

Emily Jean Boring Williams (b. 1923)—7th Generation                                                 347

James Crawford Williams (b. 1944)—8th Generation                                                    347

William White Williams (b. 1947)—8th Generation                                                        348

Ward Boring Williams (b. 1950)—8th Generation                                                          348

Grace Minor Boring (b. 1926)—7th Generation                                                              348

Lois Beal Harrell (Harrold) (b. 1896)—6th Generation                                                     348

Lily Kelly Harrell (Harrold) Wood Stewart (b. 1899)—6th Generation                            348

Myrtle E. Wood Jensen (b. 1918)—7th Generation                                                        348

James Wallace Jensen (b. 1941)—8th Generation                                                           348

Anne Elizabeth Jensen (b. 1945)—8th Generation                                                           348

Charles Clinton Jensen (b. 1946)—8th Generation                                                          348

Stanley Edison Wood Jr. (b. 1920)—7th Generation                                                        348

Stanley Edison Wood III (b. 1945)—8th Generation                                                        349

Anne Carol Wood (b. 1949)—8th Generation                                                                  349

Philip Harrold Wood (b. 1949)—8th Generation                                                               349

David Stewart Wood (b. 1950)—8th Generation                                                              349

Lois Theresa Wood Evans (b. 1929)—7th Generation                                                     349

Alice May Harrell (Harrold) Lee (b. 1902)—6th Generation                                             349

Lois Elizabeth Lee (b. 1931)—7th Generation                                                                  349

Alice Harrold Lee (b. 1934)—7th Generation                                                                 349

Joshua Garrett Harrell (b. 1865)—5th Generation                                                             349

Joseph “Jody” Alexander Harrell—5th Generation                                                            350

Martha Francis Harrell (b. 1835)—4th Generation                                                           350

Elvira Elizabeth Harrell Jordan (b. 1836)—4th Generation                                                350

Elelia Anna Harrell Sawyer (b. 1839)—4th Generation                                                     350

John Wilson Harrell (b. 1840)—4th Generation                                                                 350

Carolina Harrell (b. 1841)—4th Generation                                                                       350

Samuel Martin Harrell (b. 1843)—4th Generation                                                              350

Samuel M. and Mary E. Rice Harrell’s Children                                                                 351

Fanny Wise Harrell Johnson (b. 1866)—5th Generation                                                  352

Lula Stuart Harrell Kilpatrick (b. 1869)—5th Generation                                                 352

Arthur Harrell (b. 1872)—5th Generation                                                                         352

Keener Harrell (b. 1876)—5th Generation                                                                        352

Laura M. Harrell (b. 1879)—5th Generation                                                                     352

Mary Johnson Siske—6th Generation                                                                              352

Borden C. Siske Jr.—7th Generation                                                                              352

Catherine Johnson Wentzel—6th Generation                                                                  352

Frances Wentzel—7th Generation                                                                                   352

Carl Wentzel Jr.—7th Generation                                                                                    352

Jesse Johnson—6th Generation                                                                                       352

Arthur Palmer Harrell—5th Generation                                                                             352

Arthur P. and Adelaide Galloway Harrell’s Children                                                          352

Mary Elizabeth Harrell Burwell—6th Generation                                                              352

Matilda Clark Harrell Floyd—6th Generation                                                                   352

Adelaide Galloway Harrell Brandler—6th Generation                                                      353

Robert Francis Brandler Jr. (b. 1947)—7th Generation                                                   353

May Harrell Hines Koonce—6th Generation                                                                    353

Ernest Frederick Hines—7th Generation                                                                          353

Esther Koonce McArthur—7th Generation                                                                      353

Joyce Koonce—7th Generation                                                                                        353

Keener Ransome Harrell—6th Generation                                                                         353

Helen Harrell Harvey—6th Generation                                                                             353

Chapter 11: Immigrants to the 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells                                                                                                 354

Joseph B. Harrell (b. 1826) from Gates County—4th Generation                       354

Rueben Harrell (b. 1781) of Gates County—3rd Generation                                       354

Joseph B. and Sarah A. Parker Harrell—4th Generation                                             355

Dempsey K. and Sarah A. Parker Harrell                                                                  355

Joseph B. and Sarah A. Harrell’s Children                                                                  356

Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland (b. 1854)—5th Generation                                          356

William Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation                                                      356

Edward Cary Harrell (b. 1859)—5th Generation                                                         356

John P. Harrell’s Family (b. 1817) from Bertie County—4th Generation            356

John P. and Margaret Harrell’s Children                                                                    358

Edwin Harrell (b. 1844)—5th Generation                                                                  358

James Harrell (b. 1845)—5th Generation                                                                  358

Ann R. Harrell (b. 1847)—5th Generation                                                                 358

Brinton Harrell (b. 1848)—5th Generation                                                                 358

Joseph Harrell (b. 1850)—5th Generation                                                                 358

Paul Wade Harrell—5th Generation                                                                          358

Sallie J. Harrell Baker—5th Generation                                                                     358

John Harrell (b. 1813) from Gates County—4th Generation                                358

John (b. 1813) and Margaret Harrell’s Family                                                            358

John (b. 1813) and Mary Harrell’s Family                                                                   359

John (b. 1813) and Margaret Harrell’s Children                                                           359

James J. Harrell (b. 1841)—5th Generation                                                                359

Margaret Harrell (b. 1842)—5th Generation                                                                359

Martha Harrell (b. 1844) (Nancy)—5th Generation                                                     359

John Harrell (b. 1846)—5th Generation                                                                       359

Frances Harrell (b. 1850) (daughter)—5th Generation                                                 360

Lemuel C. Harrell (b. 1832)—4th Generation                                                        360

Lemuel Harrell in Northampton County                                                                       360

Lemuel and Mary Boone Harrell                                                                                 360

Lemuel and Josephine Harrell                                                                                     361

Lemuel C. Harrell’s Children                                                                                       362

Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation                                                                   362

Joseph P. Harrell’s Children                                                                                        363

Mary Lois Harrell Hite (b. 1883)—6th Generation                                                     364

Hollie (Hattie) Harrell (b. 1884 or 1894)—6th Generation                                           364

Ruth Coy Harrell Herring (b. 1897)—6th Generation                                                 364

Josie Harrell (b. 1898)—6th Generation                                                                      364

Carl Harrell (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                                                       364

Ella M. Harrell (b. 1904)—6th Generation                                                                   364

Lemuel Harrell (b. 1905)—6th Generation                                                                   364

Elizabeth Harrell (b. 1908)—6th Generation                                                                 364

Edawin Harrell (b. 1910)—6th Generation                                                                   364

Ellen B. Harrell (b. in 1860)—5th Generation                                                               364

Easter C. Harrell (b. in 1868)—5th Generation                                                             364

Sarah A. Harrell (b. in 1871)—5th Generation                                                              364

George C. Harrell (b. 1840)—4th Generation                                                         365

George C. and Susanna Harrell’s Children                                                                    366

Nepolain Harrell (b. 1870)—5th Generation                                                                 366

John T. Harrell (b. 1871)—5th Generation                                                                    366

John T. and Bessie Harrell’s Children                                                                            367

Eva Harrell Thompson (b. 1903)—6th Generation                                                       367

Fannie Harrell Hoggard (b. 1909)—6th Generation                                                      367

Mary Harrell (b. 1911)—6th Generation                                                                       367

Ethel Harrell Hughes (b. 1915)—6th Generation                                                          367

James Harrell (b. 1917)—6th Generation                                                                       367

William Jesse Harrell (b. 1919)—6th Generation                                                            367

S. A. Harrell (b.1878) (female)—5th Generation                                                            367

George N. Harrell (b. 1883)—5th Generation                                                               367

Francis “Fannie”? Harrell (Boone?) (b. 1913)—6th Generation                                     368

Annie J. Harrell Jernigan (b. 1885)—5th Generation                                                      368

Elmo G. Jernigan (b. 1908)—6th Generation                                                                  368

Ruth M. Jernigan (b. 1910)—6th Generation                                                                 369

Martha E. Harrell (b. 1888)—5th Generation                                                                369

James L. Harrell (b. 1890)—5th Generation                                                                 369

William J. Harrell (born 1842)—4th Generation                                                     369

William J. and Louisa Harrell’s Children                                                                      370

Harriet Harrell (b. 1866)—5th Generation                                                                   370

John W. or L. Harrell (b. 1868 or 1869)—5th Generation                                           370

William L. Harrell (b. 1867)—5th Generation                                                              370

George W. Harrell (b. 1876)—5th Generation                                                            370

Thomas W. Harrell (b. 1879)—5th Generation                                                           370

Starkey Harrell (b. 1843)—4th Generation                                                             370

Starkey and Henretta Harrell’s Children                                                                      371

Jason Harrell (b. 1868)—5th Generation                                                                      371

Alice C. D. Harrell (b. 1871)—5th Generation                                                            371

Rachel T. Harrell (b. 1873)—5th Generation                                                               371

Taylor Harrell (b. 1875)—5th Generation                                                                    371

Annie Laura Harrell (b. 1878)—5th Generation                                                           371

Bessie M. Harrell (b. 1881)—5th Generation                                                              371

Charlie A. Harrell (b. 1891)—5th Generation                                                              371

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