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Chapter 1 (The Early Harrells in America)

Chapter 2 (Harrells in Chowan County & the Gates area)

Chapter 3 (Harrells in Bertie & the Hertford County area)

Chapter 4 (Hertford County's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations)

Chapter 5 (John T., Eley, Elijah Two, Elisah, Thomas Two & their descendants)

Chapter 6 (Nathan & Elizabeth's Known Descendants)

Chapter 7 (John [b. c. 1794] & Winnifred Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 8 (Josiah & Anna Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 10 (Immigrants to the 3rd Generation of Hertford County Harrells)

Chapter 11 (Immigrants to the 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells)


Chapter 9: Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker, 3rd Generation


            The purpose of this chapter is to describe what I know about Elizabeth and to cause others to think about her—about who her parents and siblings were. Of course, if someone has such information hopefully they will share it with the rest of us.

Elizabeth Harrell Parker (born 1798)—3rd Generation


As is often the case in family histories, I am not even certain of Elizabeth’s birth year. The 1850 census and her obituary in 1886 both indicate she was born in 1798. On the other hand, in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses she reported an age that would have given her a birth year of 1800—perhaps she just liked round numbers. I am inclined to use 1798.


Another fact about which there is still some uncertainty is her parentage. I do not know for certain Elizabeth was a Harrell, but I have a pretty good indication that was the case. In fact, I believe there is a very credible connection between Elizabeth Harrell Parker  and Josiah Harrell (see chapter 8). This means, to this point all I have said in the previous chapter about Josiah Harrell’s possible and probable parents, I would also attribute to Elizabeth, and thus she was a 3rd Generation Hertford County Harrell. If, however,  convincing information becomes available that indicates Elizabeth was not Josiah’s sister, then she will be removed from Josiah Harrell’s family. Let me explain the connection between Josiah Harrell and Elizabeth Harrell Parker as I understand it.


            In her Parker family album/history, Inez Parker Cumming has considerable information about her Parker ancestors, information that could not be found in public documents in Hertford County. Inez was a very credible writer and thorough researcher who had written much on local histories in the South. She described the family of Silas Parker with a comprehensiveness and detail that could only have come from family documents and from people who knew some family history. I believe Inez did much of her research in the 1930s-1950s, and thus she had some sources of information that are no longer available. The specificity of her information strongly indicates she and her informants were not guessing at relationships, names, and dates. For instance, her Parker family album includes the following: [1]


Silas Parker                                            born Feb. 5, 1769

His first marriage was to Delilah Unknown, they had the following children;

Winea                                                    born Dec. 1, 1792

Elizabeth                                                born Nov. 5, 1794

David                                                     born Oct. 18, 1796

Wiley                                                     born Oct. 31, 1799

Jethro                                                     born Aug. 23, 1802

Henry                                                     born Feb. 14, 1805

Ann                                                        born Mar. 2, 1807

Wm. James                                            born Dec. 13, 1811

Mary Rebecca                                      born Dec. 13, 1811

His second marriage was to Nancy Wynn, they had one child;

Wm. Henry                                            born Jan. 16, 1826

His third marriage was to Elizabeth Harrell, they had the following children;

John Perry                                             born Feb. 13, 1828

Arice                                                      born Nov. 19, 1829

Sarah                                                      born Sept. 18, 1831

Ann Elizabeth                                       born Sept. 9, 1833

Ellen                                                       born Mar. 23, 1835

George Washington                            born Jan. 17, 1837

Peter Perry                                             born Dec. 3, 1838

Wm. Carey                                            born Dec. 23, 1840.

 [page 286]

At the bottom of the page containing the above information, Inez provided a carefully written note that reads as follows:


“Note:  Elizabeth Harrell was sister to father of Nicholas Harrell. Hence, a double relationship when her grandson (R. W. P.) married Bertie Harrell.”


The R. W. P., Inez referred to was Roland W. Parker, her father. Bertie Harrell was, of course, her mother, and Nicholas Harrell was Bertie’s father, and he was Inez’s grandfather. Nicholas was the youngest son of Josiah Harrell. Inez’s point was that Elizabeth’s grandson married her brother, Josiah Harrell’s granddaughter.[2] Based primarily on Inez’s information, I have included Elizabeth Harrell Parker as Josiah Harrell’s younger sister (or twin).


            Based on the information presented just above, we know Elizabeth Harrell married Silas Parker around 1827. Considering the birth years of Silas Parker’s son from his second wife and his first child with Elizabeth, we can put the year of their marriage at 1827. And because Elizabeth was known to the Parkers as Elizabeth Harrell, it is probably safe to assume her marriage to Silas was her first. There is no doubt, when Silas Parker was cited as a head of household in the 1830 census, his wife was Elizabeth.


1830 census entry, Hertford Co., N.C.

Head of Household:  Silas Parker

household members:      males                           females

                                    3, 0-4                            1, 15-19

                                    1, 60-69                        1, 20-29

                                                                        1, 30-39

                                    (11 slaves)


By 1830, Silas was 61 years of age, and his third family was well underway. His new wife, Elizabeth, was about thirty-two years old in 1830. At that time, she had two sons of her own as well as several step-children from Silas’ previous marriages in her household. At least five of Silas’ children were older then their new step-mother.

 [page 287]

            By 1840, Elizabeth and Silas had added five more children to their family: Sarah Alice, Ann Elizabeth, Ellen Susan, George Washington, and Peter Perry.


1840 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Head of Household:  Silas Parker

household members:      males                           females

                                    2, 0-4                            3, 5-9

                                    2, 10-14                        1, 15-19

                                    1, 15-19                        1, 40-49

                                    1, 60-69

                                    1, 70-79


            Their youngest son, William Cary, was born in December of 1840. He appeared for the first time in the 1850 census, but his father was gone by then. Silas Parker died on June 3, 1849, just before the census taker came around, and consequently, Elizabeth was listed as the head of household in 1850.


1850 census entry, Hertford County, N. C.

Parker, Elizabeth           age 52                                                                          page 305

Parker, W. H.               age 24  farmer

Parker, Harris               age 20  (Oris)*

Parker, Ann                  age 16  (Ann Elizabeth)

Parker, Ellen                 age 14  (Ellen Susan)

Parker, Peter                age 11  (Peter Perry)

Parker, W. C.               age   9  (William Cary)

Overton, Cornelius         age 35

*I have added the information presented in parentheses in the above census entry.


In 1850, Elizabeth was still on the family farm with five of her eight children, and her step-son, William Henry Parker, from Silas’ second marriage. She was the only mother William Henry knew. Elizabeth’s daughter, Sarah A. was married to Joseph B. Harrell from Gates County by that time—they were living in Hertford County in the household of George Nicholdson in 1850. Elizabeth’s sons, John Perry and George Washington, died in 1849 at the ages of 21 and 12 respectively. The year 1849 was clearly a very bad year in this Parker household. Then in 1854, Elizabeth’s daughter, Ann, died at the age of 20 years. Elizabeth was still the head of the household for the 1860 census.


1860 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Parker, Elizabeth           age 68  farmer              $1150   $4000                           page 21, 22

Parker, Oris                  age 30  farmer              $1206   $4386

Parker, Ellen S.             age 24

Parker, W. C.               age 19  teacher of _______


The 1860 census also shows the amount of economic security Elizabeth had even ten years after her husband, Silas, had died. Her son, Oris, was still living with her and was also financially independent with $1,206 in real property and $4,386 in personal property.


            Elizabeth Harrell Parker was living with her youngest son, William Cary, and his family at the time of the 1870 and 1880 censuses, at the reported ages of 70 and 80 years (see the section below on William Cary Parker—4th Generation). It appears Elizabeth was fortunate enough to have a number of her grandchildren around for most of her advanced years—and some of them lived in the same house until her death.

 [page 288]

            Elizabeth Harrell Parker died in 1886 at the age of 88. Her death was noted by a friend in a local newspaper.[3] Elizabeth’s obituary included the following; “Died at her home near Murfreesboro, N. C., July 15th. 1886, sister Elizabeth Parker, widow of Silas Parker, in the 88th year of her age. She had been a consistent member of the Meherrin Baptist church for more than half a century….”


The notice does not list the names of those who survived Elizabeth, probably because there were so many, so it is not reasonable to assume her brother, Josiah Harrell, was already deceased (Josiah was also in the 1880 census, and would have been 88 years old at Elizabeth’s death). The obituary, however, did note that she left three sons and two daughters. They would have been:


Oris (b. 1829)                                         Sarah Alice Harrell (b. 1831)

                Peter Perry (b. 1838)                             Ellen Susan (b. 1836)

                William Cary (b. 1840)


Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker’s Children


            Elizabeth and Silas Parker had three daughters and five sons. They were 4th Generation Hertford County Harrell descendants.


John Perry Parker (b. 1828)—4th Generation


            John was born on February 13, 1828, and died around 1849.


Oris (b. 1829)—4th Generation


I am pretty certain Oris was the young man living in his mother’s household in the 1850 census when he was listed as Harris Parker. Oris was still with Elizabeth in 1860 at the age of 30.


Between 1860 and 1865, Oris married Mary Gatling. Then on May 20, 1865, he married India M. Joyner in Northampton County. The 1870 census indicates he, his wife, and their son were in their own household near the family farm.


1870 census entry, Hertford County, N. C.

Parker, Oris                  age 40  farmer  $800                 $300

Parker, Indiana              age 29

Parker, Oseala              age   3

Boyett, Bettie                age __

Bynum, Oliver               age   9

 [page 289]


            Oris, his wife and 13 year old son were again shown in 1880, and Oris’ half-brother, William Henry, was living with them at that time.

[page 290] 


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Parker, Ories                age 50  farmer

Parker, Ider M.             age 38  wife

Parker, Osceala            age 13  son

Parker, William H.        age 54  brother


In his county history, B. B. Winborne, writing before 1906, made the following comments about Oris.[4]


“… Oris Parker, who still lives near Borough, who was a magistrate …. Mr. Parker is the son of Silas Parker II, a justice in his day, and brother of Carey W. Parker, Peter P. Parker and the late David Parker, of Mapleton. His grandfather was Peter Parker and his great-uncle was Silas Parker, both of whom were magistrates in their day. Mr. Parker is still a justice of the peace, and his son, Oler S. Parker, is also one of our young justices.”


This is a first mention of Oris’ son, Oler S. Parker. Oler S. was probably the same son we saw in Oris’ household in 1870 and 1880—he would have been around 38 years of age when Winborne wrote the description cited above.


            Oris died in Hertford County on May 25th 1907. 


Oris and Indiana Parker’s Children


Osceala Parker (b. 1867)—5th Generation


He was in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses with his parents.


Oler S. Parker (b. after 1880)—5th Generation


If Oler S. was not the son, Oscelala, listed in the 1870 and 1880 census, then he was born after 1880, and he was a Justice in Hertford County around 1906.


Sarah Alice Parker Harrell Harrell (b. 1831)—4th Generation


Sarah A. Parker married before the 1850 census. She married Joseph B. Harrell in late 1849 or early 1850 in Hertford County.

 [page 291]


Sarah A. Parker & Joseph B. Harrell


According to his diary, Joseph B. Harrell was born on June 19, 1826 in Gates County, and he was the youngest in a large family.[5] He further states that he left home when he was 19 years old with one of his brothers, and married Sarah Alice Parker of Hertford County when he was 25 years of age.


On the bases of strong circumstantial evidence from the early censuses and family tradition, after Joseph B. died, around 1864, his widow, Sarah A. Harrell, married his brother Dempsey K. Harrell of Gates County. (See chapter 11 for more description of Joseph B. Harrell’s family.)


            Sarah A. and Joseph B. Harrell were living with the Nicholson family when the 1850 census was taken.


1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Nicholdson, George                   age 32                                                              page 288

Nicholdson, Elizabeth                 age 22

Nicholdson, Mary                      age 6 mos.       

Harrell, Joseph                          age 24  no occupation                                       

Harrell, Sarah                            age 19

Boon, Mark                               age 10  mulatto

Bowsen, Sarah                          age 14  mulatto


All three of Sarah and Joseph Harrell’s children were born before the 1860 census, but I have not been able to find the entry for them. There were ten Joseph Harrells in North Carolina for the 1860 census, but only one was from Hertford County. The Joseph found in 1860, was married to a Martha, and he was born in 1829—he was not a good match. There is no record of a Sarah A. Harrell, age 29, in Hertford County for 1860.


Joseph B. Harrell died around 1864—probably in the War. Sarah petitioned for support as his widow.[6] According to Joseph B.’s estate papers, his widow married his brother, Dempsey K. Harrell—sometime between 1864 and 1870. I do not know if Sarah and Dempsey lived in Gates or Hertford County, but by 1870, Dempsey had died and Sarah was a widow again.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Parker, W. H.               age 44   farmer              $750      $300                           page 352  

Harrell, Sarah                age 39   keeping house $2,000                           

Harrell, Elizabeth A.      age 16

Harrell, William J.          age 13

Harrell, Edward             age 11


By the 1870 census, Sarah and her three children by Joseph B. Harrell were living with her half-brother, W. H. Parker, in Hertford County. (William Henry Parker was born in 1826 in Silas Parker’s 2nd. Marriage.)

 [page 292]          

            In 1870, William H. Parker was farming his own land in Manneys Neck. He had 40 acres improved, and produced only 25 bushels of Indian corn, 1 bale of cotton and 15 bushels of peas. He was probably not supporting Sarah Harrell and her children on that level of production. In any case, the census indicates she had her own wealth. Sarah’s larger tract of land was probably leased out and brought her a nice income.


By the time of the 1880 census, William H. Parker was living with his half-brother, Ories Parker, and his family; while Sarah, at the age of 48, was living with her daughter, Elizabeth A., and son-in-law, James A. Copeland (see the section below on Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland).


            Sarah “Sallie” was with her son, Edward C. Harrell, in Aulander, Bertie County in 1910 at the age of 79.


Sarah A. Parker and Joseph B. Harrell’s Children


Sarah and Joseph named their first child Elizabeth, probably for Sarah’s mother.  They named their first son William Joseph—the William may have been for her youngest brother William Cary Parker.[7] The use of the name, Joseph, was more than likely for the child’s father. They named their second son Edward Cary Harrell.


Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland (b. 1854)—5th Generation


            Sarah A. and daughter, Elizabeth A. Harrell, were living with W. H. Parker in Manneys Neck in the 1870 census. On October 19, 1876, Elizabeth (“Bettie”) A. Harrell married J. A. Copeland.[8] Their witnesses were W. C. Parker, and W. H. Parker, who were Elizabeth’s uncles. The third witness was K. Holloman, who was Josiah and Anna Harrell’s son-in-law—he had married Barsha Harrell in 1870. Kindred and Barsha Hollomon were living with Josiah and Anna, on the family farm adjacent to the Copelands at that time. (Barsha Harrell Hollomon and Elizabeth A. Harrell were 2nd cousins, even though their family names of Harrell were not of the same source.) In addition, that meant, after her wedding, Elizabeth Harrell Copeland was living adjacent to her grandmother’s brother, Josiah Harrell.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Copeland, J. A.             age 31              farmer                         

Copeland, Elizabeth       age 26

Copeland, B. E.             age   2             son

Copeland, I. B.              age 6/12           daughter

March, C. C.                age 11              serv/laborer)

Harrell, S. A.                age 48              Mother in Law

[page 293] 


Elizabeth A. Harrell and James A. Copeland’s Children


            On the basis of the 1880 census, Elizabeth and James Copeland had two children: the oldest was Bingham E. and the youngest was India B. Copeland.


Bingham Edward Copeland (b. 1878)—6th Generation


            B. E. Copeland of Hertford County, at the age of 27, married Lucy A. Boone. She was  also of Hertford County and 27 years old. They were married at the Boone residence on September 7, 1904.[9]


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Copeland, Bingham E.               age 35  Deputy Sheriff, Hertford County

Copeland, Lucy B.                     age 32  wife

Copeland, Margaret V.              age   4  daughter

Copeland, Harry S.                    age   2  son


By the 1910 census, they had been married 5 years, and both of their children were still living. Bingham was County Sheriff, which was in keeping with his father, James A. Copeland’s, inclination for holding county office.

[page 294] 

1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Copeland, Bingham Edward       age 42  head

Copeland, Lucy Boone               age 43  wife

Copeland, Margaret Vann          age 14  daughter

Copeland, Harry Shepherd         age 12  son

Copeland, Wills Louis                age 29  cousin

Copeland, James Albert             age 70  father


By 1920, apparently Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland was gone, and Bingham’s father, James Albert, was living with him and his family. They were living on Church Street in the town of Ahoskie.


Bingham & Lucy Copeland’s Children


Margaret Vann Copeland (b. 1906)—7th Generation

Harry Shepherd Copeland (b. 1908)—7th Generation


India Boardman Copeland Gerock (b. 1880)—6th Generation


            James A. and Elizabeth A. Copeland named their daughter, India, in 1880—probably after her uncle, Oris Parker’s wife. Seems like an unusual name, but their neighbor Josiah Harrell’s son, Nicholas, also named his youngest daughter India on April 28, 1889.


            India B. Copeland, at the age of 20, married M. O. Gerrock, age 28, on October 31, 1899 in Winton. They were both of Hertford County.[10] By 1920, most if not all of their family was listed in the following census entry.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Gerock, Matthew Oster             age 50  head

Gerock, India Boardman            age 40  wife

Gerock, Lois May                      age 18  daughter

Gerock, Faye Sidney                  age 16  daughter

Gerock, Matthew Osten Jr.        age   9  son

Gerock, Alsia      al                    age   4  daughter

India B. & Matthew O. Gerock’s Children

Lois May Gerock (b. 1902)—7th Generation

Faye Sidney Gerock (b. 1904)—7th Generation

Matthew Osten Gerock Jr. (b. 1911)—7th Generation

Alsia xxxal Gerock (b. 1916) (daughter)—7th Generation

 [page 295]

William Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation


            Sarah A. Parker Harrell’s son, Dr. William J. Harrell, was born January 17, 1857. He was in Hertford County for the census in 1870, living with his mother at the age of 13. He was not in Hertford County in 1880. He was probably off at school.


William J. Harrell married Bettie Rice in Bertie County on June 18, 1889.[11]  The first available census after their marriage is for 1900, and it pictured their household as follows.


1900 census entry, Bertie Co., N. C.

Harrell, Wm. J.             Jan. 1857          age 43  Physician

Harrell, Bettie               May 1864         age 36  wife

Harrell, Helen               June 1892         age   8  daughter

Harrell, Teele                May 1893         age   7  son


            In 1900, William J. and his family were living in Aulander, Bertie County, just a short distance south of the Hertford County line—just below Ahoskie. Bettie indicated she had had three children, two of whom were still alive. They were living on their farm which was owned free and clear.


1910 census entry, Bertie Co., N. C.

Harrell, Wm. J.             age 53  physician

Harrell, Bettie               age 42  wife

Harrell, Helen               age 18  daughter

Harrell, Dockery T.       age 16  son

Harrell, Sallie A.            age   5  daughter

White, Royal                 age 22  niece


            By 1910, William J. and his family were still living on their farm in Aulander, Bertie County. They had a new daughter since 1900, Sallie A. Harrell, and a young niece living with them.


1920 census entry, Norfolk, Va.

Harrell, William J.          age 62  Physician

Harrell, Dockery           age 26  son / machinist, automobile

Hoffman, Julius             age 60  boarder born in Md.


            In 1920, William J. was living in Norfolk County, Virginia at 62 Versailles Ave., with his son, Dockery Teele Harrell. William J. indicated he was a widower and a specialist working on Malaria medicine in private practice. He, of course, was not a widower. He and Bettie were separated / divorced. In fact, Bettie would survive him by some 16 years. Daughters Helen and Sallie A. Harrell were still in Aulander, North Carolina—with, or near, their mother in 1920.

 [page 296]

            When Inez Parker Cumming visited Ahoskie in 1922, Sarah’s son, William Joseph Harrell, came from Norfolk to see them. Inez’s Parker family album has a photo of Dr. Wm. J. Harrell who was referred to as “cousin Billie Jo.” Billie Jo was Inez’s father’s first cousin on the Parker side.


            William J. signed his will on October 6, 1932 in Aulander, Bertie County, North Carolina.[12] He left his entire rice farm, in or near Aulander, to his youngest daughter, Sallie Jenkins. He also left her his house and lot in the city of Norfolk, Virginia on Versailles Avenue—this was the house in which he was living with his son during the 1920 census. (He refers to this as the land deeded to him in Deed Book 420, page 417.)


            William J. bequeathed to his daughter Helen Williford, his house and lot in the city of Norfolk, Virginia on Fayette Boulevard between Winona Station and Fairmont Part Sub-station. Helen also got his interest in the Herring Farm Tract of land near the town of Aulander, Bertie County.


            He also left his niece, Kathleen Early, a note worth $1,700.00 owed to him by Lacy M. Early. Lacy was one of William  J.’s executors.


            William J. put in Trust for his son, D. Teele, $500.00 “...if he appears within five years....” If he does not reappear, the money goes to  Sallie Jenkens.


            William J. Harrell was deceased by the time his will was presented for recording on November 3, 1932. He died October 31, 1932, and is buried in the Aulander cemetery next to his brother, Edward Cary Harrell, and near his wife Bettie and both of his daughters. William and Edward’s shared headstone contains the following information; Dr. Wm. Joseph Harrell, Jan. 17, 1857, Oct. 31, 1932; Edward Cary Harrell, May 20, 1859, April 22, 1934. William J.’s former wife, Bettie R. Harrell, died in Bertie Count, and was also buried in the Aulander Cemetery. Her stone reads: Bettie R. Harrell, Aug. 10, 1865, Dec. 3, 1948.


William J. and Bettie Rice Harrell’s Children
Helen Harrell Williford (b. 1891)—6th Generation

Helen married Gordon C. Williford in Bertie County. I have found no evidence of children from the marriage. They are buried side-by-side in the Aulander cemetery. The stone contains the following information: Helen H. Williford, 1891-1974; Gordon C. Williford, 1886-1985.

Dockery Teele Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation

            Dockery was listed as a machinist for automobiles in 1920 at the age of 26. He was not married at that time. His father’s will suggests he took off for parts unknown soon after 1920. Perhaps, Detroit.... I have no further information on him.

 [page 297]

Sallie A. Harrell Jenkins (b. 1904)—6th Generation


            Sallie Harrell Jenkins was born June 9, 1904. She married Wayland Lawrence Jenkins, and they apparently stayed in the Aulander area where they raised at least two sons.


Sallie Harrell Jenkins’ headstone in Aulander contains the following: Wayland Lawrence Jenkins, Husband, April 8, 1899, March 27, 1964; Sallie Harrell Jenkins, wife, June 9, 1904, October 31, 1960; and Betty Benthall Jenkins, February 1, 1947, February 1, 1947.[13]


Sallie A. and Wayland Jenkins’ Children


They had a daughter, Betty Benthall Jenkins, who lived but one day—February 1, 1927. I believe they also had two sons and one daughter.


Wayland Lawrence Jenkins Jr. (b. c. 1933)—7th Generation


Wayland L. Jenkins, Jr. was born in Norfolk, Virginia on October 10, 1931. At this writing, Wayland L. Jenkins, Jr. is a retired gentleman who lives in Aulander, North Carolina, Arlington, Virginia; and Florida. Wayland is the person who generously shared his family history information about his great grandfather, Joseph B. Harrell, and his family.


Joseph Henry Jenkins (b. c. 1935)—7th Generation

Olivia Frances Jenkins (b. c. 1935)—7th Generation


Edward Cary Harrell (b. 1859)—5th Generation


Sarah A. Parker Harrell’s son, Edward Cary Harrell, was born May 20, 1859. Edward was a widower by 1910 and had his mother living with him and three daughters.


1910 census entry, Bertie Co., N. C.

Harrell, Edward C.        age 50  head

Harrell, Sallie H.            age 79  mother

Harrell, Revah               age 18  daughter

Harrell, Kathleen           age 16  daughter

Harrell, Mary E.            age 13  daughter


He died in Aulander, Bertie County on April 22, 1934, and he shares a head stone with his brother, William Joseph, in the Aulander cemetery.

 [page 298]

Edward Cary Harrell’s Children


Revah Harrell (b. 1892)—6th Generation
Kathleen Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation
Mary E. Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation


Ann Elizabeth Parker (b. 1833)—4th Generation


Ann was born on September 9, 1833 in Hertford County, North Carolina. She was with her mother and siblings at the age of 16 in the 1850 census. She died May 8, 1854.


Ellen Susan Parker Parker (b. 1836)—4th Generation


Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker’s daughter, Ellen, was born March 23, 1836 in Hertford County. She was with her mother at the age of 14 in the 1850 census and again at age 24 in 1860. She married William Thomas Parker in Hertford County in 1860. William was in Hertford County for the 1850 census at the age of 15 with his parents and siblings—he was the son of Lewis Jr. and Sarah Parker.


1870 census entry, Hertford County, N. C.

Parker, W. T.                age 35  farmer  $0         $300

Parker, Ellen S.             age 35

Parker, Lenn__ T.         age   8 (male)

Parker, Ann E.              age   5

Parker, Lulie P.             age   2

Kindred, Wm.               age 18 (farm laborer)

Cooper, Eliza                 age 11 (Domestic Sevt)


1880 census entry, Hertford County, N. C.

Parker, William T.         age 46  farmer

Parker, Ellen S.             age 45  wife

Parker, Lenorah            age 17  daughter

Parker, Annie E.           age 15  daughter

Parker, Lulie P.             age 12  daughter

Parker, Jason O.           age   7  son


            By 1880, Ellen and William’s family was complete with the addition of their son, Jason O. Parker. Ellen died in Hertford County, during August of 1899.

[page 299]


Ellen S. Parker and William T. Parker’s Children


Lenorah T. Parker (b. 1862)—5th Generation
Ann E. Parker (b. 1865)—5th Generation
Lulie P. Parker (b. 1868)—5th Generation
Jason O. Parker (b. 1873)—5th Generation


George Washington Parker (b. 1837)—4th Generation


Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker’s son, George, was born January 17, 1837 in Hertford County. He died around 1848, so was not with his family in 1850 for the census—he would have been 13 years old in 1850.


Peter Perry Parker (b. 1838)—4th Generation


Peter was born December 3, 1838 in Hertford County, North Carolina.[14] He was in his mother’s household for the 1850 census shortly after his father had died—he was 11 years old at that time. He married Martha C. Hudgins in Norfolk, Virginia on August 9, 1876. By the 1880 census, Peter and Martha Parker’s first child was with them, as well as Martha’s mother.

[page 300]


1880 census entry, Mathews Co., Va.

Parker, P. P.                 age 41                          born in NC

Parker, Martha C.         age 25  wife                  born in Va.

Parker, Frederick          age   2  son                   born in Va.

Hudgins, Sarah              age 53  mother-in-law    born in Va.


            When the 1900 census was taken, Peter was still living in Mathew County. Martha was gone by that time, and Peter was living with his children and mother-in-law.


1900 census entry, Mathew Co., Va.

Parker, Peter P.            age 60

Parker, Fredrk.              age 23  son                   born July 1876 in Va.

Parker, Harry                age 17  son                   born February 1883 in Va.

Parker, Bessie               age 14  daughter           born August 1885 in Va.

Hudgins, Sarah              age 71  mother              born November 1828 in Va.


Peter died in Washington, North Carolina on March 8, 1916.


Peter Perry and Martha Hudgins Parker’s Children


Frederick Hudgins Parker (b. 1876)—5th Generation


            Frederick was born in July of 1876 in Virginia. Frederick married Fannie Meridith Farmer. They had three children—their youngest daughter, Frances, is a genealogist by passion, and currently lives in Virginia not far from the Hertford County area.

[page 301] 

Martha E. Parker (b.     )—6th Generation


            Martha died in 1918.

Algernon Meridith Parker (b.     )—6th Generation


            Algernon and his wife currently live in Georgia.

Frances Elizabeth Parker (b.     )—6th Generation


Harry Parker (b. 1883)—5th Generation


Bessie Parker (b. 1885)—5th Generation


William Cary Parker (b. 1840)—4th Generation


W. C. Parker was Elizabeth Harrell and Silas Parker’s youngest child. He was born December 23, 1840 in Hertford County. He was still in his mother’s household at the age of 19 for the 1860 census—he was already listed as a teacher. He married Sarah Quinton Darden on December 17, 1863. In his 1906 history of the county, Winborne noted that “W. Carey Parker, late of Wake Forest, married Sarah Quinton, daughter of Alfred W. Darden.”[15]


There is also a reference by the historian, John W. Moore, about young people getting married during the War. He noted that in 1863, on December 7, Wm. Carey Parker, Lt. of the Hertford Light Infantry married Quenten Darden of Elm Grove, and that after the war he was a teacher / graduate from Wake Forest College. He was also a clerk of the Chowan Association.[16]


            By 1870, William C. Parker’s family had the following look about it.


1870 census entry, Hertford County, N. C.

Parker, W. C.               age 30  farmer              $1,500   $300                

Parker, Sarah Q.           age 25  keeping house

Parker, Paule_ D.         age   4 

Parker, Rolan                age   3

Parker, Jacob S.            age   1

Parker, Emma W.         age 4/12

Parker, Elizabeth           age 70  keeping house

 [page 302]

 1880 census entry,  Hertford Co., N. C.

Parker, Cary W.            age 39  school teacher                          

Parker, Sarah                age 36

Parker, Paul D.             age 14  son/working on farm

Parker, Roland              age 13  son/work on farm

Parker, Jacob                age 11  son/on farm

Parker, Alfred R.          age   5  son

Parker, Wilmer W.        age   2  son

Parker, Elizabeth           age 80  mother


In 1880, William C. Parker’s mother, Elizabeth, was still living in his household—apparently they had shared a household since William was born, and they continued to do so until Elizabeth passed on in 1888. W. C. and Sarah had two additional sons in their household.


In the 1890s, W. C. and Sarah lived in Wake Forest and Greensboro, North Carolina. Sometime around 1900, they moved to Madison, Georgia to live near their son, Roland W. Parker and his family. William C. Parker appeared for the first time in Madison records on the 1901 property tax list. William C. had no acreage but owned a total of $1,825 worth of property—$1,600 in money—that was enough to make him the wealthiest Parker or Harrell in Madison at the time.


William Cary Parker was not only near some of his children and grandchildren with the move to Madison, Georgia, but he was within walking distance of the home of his first cousin, Nicholas J. Harrell. (Nicholas was the son of Josiah and Anna Harrell of chapter 8 in this volume.)


            William Cary Parker died in Madison, on January 1, 1916, and his resting place is Madison, Georgia. His head stone reads:


W. C. Parker

Dec. 23, 1840

Jan. 1, 1916


            William’s wife, Quenton Sarah Darden, lived a little longer, and she was buried next to him in Madison. 


Mrs. Q. D. Parker

Aug. 15, 1843

Dec. 20, 1916


William Cary and Sarah Q. Parker’s Children


Paul D. Parker (b. 1866)—5th Generation

 [page 303]


Roland W. Parker (b. 1867)—5th Generation


Roland and his family are described in chapter 8 of this work, because he married Bertie Harrell, the granddaughter of Josiah and Anna Harrell—Bertie was the daughter of Nicholas and Amanda Harrell.


Jacob Parker (b. 1869)—5th Generation
Emma W. Parker (b. 1870)—5th Generation


Emma W. Parker was gone before the 1880 census.

Alfred R. Parker (b. 1875)—5th Generation
Wilmer W. Parker (b. 1878)—5th Generation
Joy (?) Parker Jenkins (b. after 1880)—5th Generation



[1] Inez Parker Cumming’s Parker Family scrapbook contains numerous useful historical references about the Parkers. Inez’s work was in the care of Louise Parker West of Armond Beach, Florida when I was given the opportunity to copy documents and photographs at the home of Elizabeth’s other great, great granddaughter, Alcie Parker Thornton of Avondale Estates, Georgia in 1997.

[2] Another Harrell/Parker connection in this family took place when Elizabeth Harrell Parker’s daughter, Sarah A. Parker, married a Joseph B. Harrell who came from one of the Harrell families of Gates County—if Joseph B.’s father, Reuben Harrell, was related to Josiah and Elizabeth’s line, it probably would have been around 1700.

[3] This death notice was clipped and placed in the Parker family album by Elizabeth’s great grand daughter, Inez Parker Cumming. 

[4] Winborne, History of Hertford County, page 298.

[5] Much of the information I have about Joseph B. Harrell and his father, Reuben Harrell of Gates County, was supplied to me by Joseph B.’s great grandson, Wayland L. Jenkins Jr. of Aulander, North Carolina. Mr. Jenkins had some genealogical work done by a professional, and Mr. Jenkins was kind enough to share his information with me. The connections among Joseph B., his brother, Dempsey K., and their father, Reuben Harrell, are convincing.

[6] Hertford County Estates Papers, N. C. State Archives, file C.R.051.508.16.

[7] There were several possibilities, however, because her father, Silas Parker, was married three times, and he named a son William in each of his marriages.

[8] Hertford County, Marriage Register, vol. 2, 1872-1881.

[9] Hertford County, Marriage Register, vol. 3, 1881-1905.

[10] Hertford County, Marriage Register, vol. 3, 1881-1905.

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[12] William J. Harrell’s will was recorded in Hertford County as well as Bertie County because he owned property in both Counties. Hertford County, Record of Wills, vol. F, pages 30-31.

[13] Wayland Lawrance Jenkins’ will is in Bertie County, will Book P, page 58.

[14] Most of the information I have on Peter P. Parker, his descendants and siblings, unless other-wise noted, comes from the research by his granddaughter, Frances Parker, now of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Francis has been doing family history on the Parkers in the Hertford County area for many years, and generally knows what can be known on the subject.

[15] Winborne, History of Hertford County, page 164.

[16] John W. Moore, History of North Carolina with Special Reference to The Annals of Hertford County, vol. 1, pages 100-101.


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