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Chapter 1 (The Early Harrells in America)

Chapter 2 (Harrells in Chowan County & the Gates area)

Chapter 3 (Harrells in Bertie & the Hertford County area)

Chapter 4 (Hertford County's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations)

Chapter 5 (John T., Eley, Elijah Two, Elisah, Thomas Two & their descendants)

Chapter 6 (Nathan & Elizabeth's Known Descendants)

Chapter 8 (Josiah & Anna Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 9 (Elizabeth Harrell & Silas Parker, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 10 (Immigrants to the 3rd Generation of Hertford County Harrells)

Chapter 11 (Immigrants to the 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells)

Chapter 7: John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell, 3rd Generation


According to Winborne’s history of the county, John Harrell (b. c. 1794) was the grandson of Lt. John Harrell (John Esquire). Winborne provided an unusual amount of information about this Harrell family—he speaks of John’s wife, Winnifred Bell; of some of their children; and of John’s grandfather, John Esquire.[1] Unfortunately, he fails to mention the missing link between John Esquire and John (b. c. 1794). I have indicated above that I feel Nathan was probably one of John Esquire’s sons, and I have further suggested that John (b. c. 1794) was probably a son of Nathan Harrell. Nathan is the weak link in this three generation line. I am confident of the grandfather/grandson relationship between the Johns, but Nathan is, at best, a probable link. Because Nathan died in 1802, it was more difficult than usual to trace his younger children to adulthood. When Nathan’s widow married George Gordon the tracking process became even more complicated. Nonetheless, from among John (b. c. 1794) Harrell’s possible fathers in Hertford County, I believe Nathan was his most probable father.


The slot I have proposed for John (b. c. 1794) can be seen in Nathan and Elizabeth’s 1800 census entry, we can see the places for all their known as well as probable children.


1800 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Head of Household:  Nathan Harrell, age over 45                                              page 699

household members:      males                                       females

                                    2, 0-10 (John & Josiah)*            2, 0-10 Celia, & (Elizabeth)*

                                    1, 10-16 Starky S.                      1, 10-16 Nancy 

                                    1, 16-26                                    1, 16-26 Sarah

                                    1, over 45                                  1, 26-45 Elizabeth Sharp

                                    (27 slaves)                                                                               

*I have inserted the names of their known children, and then used parentheses to mark their probable children: John, Josiah, and Elizabeth are only probably children of Nathan and Elizabeth.


            Nathan and Elizabeth had two sons in the age group zero to ten—I think it is very probable that John (b. 1794) was the older of the two at age six. This would make John, Nathan and Elizabeth’s second son if it is true. After Nathan died in 1802, John was probably with his mother, Elizabeth, who had married George Gordon by 1810.


In addition, it is relatively easy to say that Nathan and Elizabeth were the only 2nd Generation Hertford Harrells with enough wealth to give John (b. c. 1794) a start in economic life almost comparable to Starkey Sharp Harrell’s. Soon after John set up his household in 1815, he had $1,220 worth of land and possessed 6 slaves (Table 15, page 128). These factors make Nathan and Elizabeth the most probable parents for John.

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John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell


In addition to making a substantial appearance in the 1815 Tax List (Table 15, page 128), John (b. c. 1794) and his wife, Winnifred, looked very established by 1820. According to a genealogy compiled recently by Mrs. Mary Britton of St. Johns, Hertford County, for some of John’s descendants still in the area, John (b. 1794) married Winnifred Bell on January 4, 1814.[2] Winborne also identified Winnifred as the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bell of Enfield (which is in Halifax County, just over 30 miles west of St. Johns). This was confirmed in the Biblical record cited by Mrs. Mary Britton. John and Winnifred appeared in their own household for the first time in 1820.                             


1820 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Head of Household:  John Harrell, age over 45 (c. 26)                                      page 184

household members:      males                           females

                                    2, 0-10                          3, 0-10

                                    1, over 45                      1, 16-26

                                    (7 slaves)


In 1820, John Harrell (b. c. 1794) was in his own household, and he possessed about the number of slaves that his mother, Elizabeth Gordon’s household was reduced by between 1810 and 1820. John was about 26 years old at the time of the 1820 census—I think his age was more than likely just recorded in the wrong “column” on the census page (they used paper without columns lines). According to the 1820 census, John and Winnifred  Harrell had five children under the age of 10, by that time


            John Harrell (b. c. 1794) died before April 1, 1830. On that date, the sale of the property in his estate took place. It seems not much property was sold at that time, the only Harrells to make purchases were John Jr., and Winniford. John Jr. was probably John W. Harrell, John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred’s 16 year old son. The Winnefred at the sale was undoubtedly John’s (b. c. 1794) widow. The accounting for the bulk of John’s estate took place and was recorded at the February Court of Pleas &c 1832. This accounting shows cash was paid on accounts to several Harrells: namely Elisha, David, Abner, John T., and Winneford.[3]


            There were cash payments made from John’s (b. c. 1794) estate on May 18, 1831 to John’s widow, Winneford, for her year’s provision with interest, totaling $339.32. She was also reimbursed for the costs of keeping their slaves—an additional $32.25. Then again on February 27, 1832 the administrators listed a payment going to John Harrell’s widow (named Winneford) on May 18, 1832 in the amount of $324.20 for a years provisions.


John died when his children were young, but Winnifred was with their family for the 1830 and 1840 censuses. With Winnifred as the head of household in the census entry for 1830, their family had the following look about it.

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1830 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Head of Household:  Winafred Harrell, age 26-30                                             page 419

household members:      males                           females

                             2, 0-5                            2, 10-15           

                                    2, 5-10                          1, 15-20           

                                    1, 10-15                        1, 20-30           

                                    1, 15-20                        1, 40-50

                                    (10 slaves)


            In 1820, Winnifred Bell Harrell was between 16 and 25 years of age. The 1830 census shows her as 20-30 years old at that time. Her age, then, was probably from 26 to 30 years (b. 1801-1804). Also, according to the 1830 census, it appears Winafred managed to keep the household pretty much intact. As mentioned above, she participated in the estate sale of her late husband, John, on December 22, 1830, and bought most of the items on sale including the slaves. She also apparently kept her children with her.


            By 1840, many of Winnifred’s children were still at home, and it appears that she may have been with-child when John (b. c. 1794) died in early 1830, because she had a son under the age of ten with her in 1840.


1840 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Head of Household:  Winnifred Harrell, age 36-40                                            page 50

household members:      males                           females

                                    1, 5-10                          1, 15-20 (b. 1821-1825)

                                    10-15                            1, 50-60


                                    (11 slaves)


John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred’s Children


            By 1830, it appeared John and Winnifred had about ten children—about ten children in 20 years is almost a “text book” child rearing pattern. What is surprising is that Winnifred survived the period, and was able to manage her large farm and raise many of their children on her own—with the help of several servants, of course. In any event, with the help of Winborne’s history, and the genealogy compiled by Mrs. Mary Britton, it seems John and Winnefred’s family was composed of the following:


                John Whitmell Harrell                         b. December 1, 1814            & was 16 years old in 1830

                Henry Francis Harrell                          b. May 1, 1816                     he died January 1, 1826

                Evaline Mary Harrell                           b. March 15, 1818               & was 12 years old in 1830

                Olivia Young Harrell                            b. April 29, 1820                  & was 10 years old in 1830

                Catherine Amanda Harrell                  b. February 21, 1822            & was 8 years old in 1830

                Jarret Norfleet Harrell                          b. January 24, 1824              & was 6 years old in 1830

                William Joseph Harrell                        b. January 10, 1826              & was 4 years old in 1830

                Marmaduke Wesley Harrell               b. February 23, 1827             & was 2 years old in 1830

                Andrew Jackson Harrell                     b. September 21, 1829          & was 1 year old in 1830

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Winnifred received some help in raising her young family from William B. Wynns, who was probably related. According to the historian, Winborne, William B. Wynns took John W., and at a later date Jarret Norfleet Harrell, under his wing and taught them the mercantile business. Mr. Wynns was living in Barfields at the time and took the boys to live with him, and work in his large mercantile business there. John W. was made a clerk in Wynns’ store, and when he came of age he was made a partner in the business. When Jarret N. came of age he was made a clerk in the same store. Soon after John W. and Jarret N. moved to Murfreesboro and started a mercantile business under the name of “J. W. Harrell & Bro.”—it was very successful.[4]  

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            The information I have on John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell’s children is presented in the following sections.


John Whitmell Harrell (b. 1814)—4th Generation


            After his successful apprenticeship and partnership with William B. Wynns in Barfields, John W. relocated to Murfreesboro in Hertford County. By the time he appears in the 1850 census, he had been married to Martha Pipkin Montgomery—the widow of George Montgomery.


1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, J. W.                age 36  merchant                      $3,320.                          page 287

Harrell, Martha             age 37

Harrell, Sarah                age   3

Harrell, Florence           age   2

Harrell, Jarret N.           age 27  clerk

Harrell, A. J.                 age 20  (male)


            John W. and his wife, Martha, had their two daughters, Sarah “Sallie” M. and “Florie” (Florence) by 1850. They also had two of John’s brothers living with them at that time—Jarret Norfleet and Andrew Jackson Harrell.


            Just before the 1850 census was taken, John W. and his family went through a rough time. One of the most notable historians of Hertford County was writing a series of articles for the Murfreesboro Inquirer in 1877 and 1878. One of his accounts focused on a small pox outbreak in April of 1849 that took place in the family of John W. Harrell of Murfreesboro. The historian reporting the event was concerned with the “great calamity” that hit the new Baptist Seminary in Murfreesboro causing it to be closed, and noting that because of such precautions the disease did not spread beyond the Harrell household. Fortunately for most, the small pox outbreak was confined to John W. Harrell’s house, but it is not known what impact it had within the family. The article goes on to point out that “Mr. Harrell was as excellent man and a prosperous merchant of the village contracted the disease in some unknown way while purchasing his Spring goods in the Northern cities.”[5]


            By 1860, John W. and Martha were living with their two daughters. Sallie and Florie were much closer in age in 1860 than they had been in 1850—the age difference would change again by 1870. As in many families, a young woman’s age is not a matter of consistency.

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1860 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John W.            age 45  Merchant          $8,000   $31,000                         page 1

Harrell, Marsha             age 45 

Harrell, Sallie                age 14 

Harrell, Florie                age 13


            The 1860 census confirms what we knew about the county of birth for John W. Harrell—he was born in Hertford County and so was his wife, Martha and their two daughters. The most obvious change in the make up of John W. and Martha’s household was the absence of any of John’s brothers. (Jarret had moved next door.)


            It clearly had been a prosperous decade for John W. Harrell. The value of his real estate more than doubled to $8,000 in 1860, and his personal wealth was very significant. He was primarily a merchant, which meant a good deal of his personal wealth had been in the form of goods and merchandise rather than slaves. Consequently, while his wealth did diminish from 1860 to 1870, it was not as profound a decrease as the wealthy planters experienced. In 1860 his real estate holdings had a value of $8,000, he still had over $5,000 worth in 1870. His loss of personal wealth reflected both the loss of slaves and of merchandise during the War—from a pre-war level of $31,000 to $5,000 by 1870.


A good deal of his reduced wealth in real estate, however, came from post-war sales. For instance, on October 9, 1866, John W. sold 130 acres to Nancy Best. It was bounded by James A. Riddick, Langly Taylor and William M. Montgomery decd.. It was the land Nancy Best was then living on, “The Tom Handcock Place.” Witnessed by Henry D. Harrell, David Harrell.[6]


Less than three years later, on March 10, 1869, John W. and Martha sold William E. and James E. Britt 187 acres for $390.00. The parcel was near the land sold in 1866. It was adjoining the lands of William M. Montgomery, Henry Baker, Langley Taylor, and others. John and Martha were assigned this land from F. W. Bond in Bankruptcy of December 1868.[7] In 1867, John W. Harrell was the administrator for the estate of his brother-in-law, William M. Montgomery—Amanda C. Harrell Montgomery’s husband.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, J. W.                age 55  ret. Merchant                $5,100   $5,000               page 369

Harrell, Martha             age 55

Harrell, Sallie                age 27               

Harrell, Florie                age 23               

Harrell, George N.         age 13              


            In 1870, he identified his occupation as a retired merchant; that designation probably reflected his mood more than his activities because he continued to be active in business with his brothers and then nephews for some time to come.


By 1870, John and Martha’s family was still intact—they had no sons to lose in the War. Their two daughters, however, were still at home in 1870. Daughter Sallie M. married Job R. Hall later in the year—on December 15, 1870. They also had George N. Harrell living with them. George was still living and working with them in 1880, and was identified then as a nephew. He was in fact Joseph (William Joseph) Harrell’s son from Northampton—he was there undoubtedly to learn the way of business from the master, uncle John W. Harrell.

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            John W. continued to sell his real estate holdings during the 1870s. On January 1, 1873, John W. sold 23 acres to James T. Elliott for $230.00. It adjoined the land of Louis Griffith, and was one half of the parcel of land John W. had bought from John J. Parker on August 27, 1866. The document was witnessed by his brother, J. N. Harrell.[8] Around 1875, John W. sold 4 acres to Levi Brown for $132.00. The land was next to that of W. Turner, R. Rayner, James M. Wynns, etc.. It was part of the old Askew Tract.[9] John W. and Martha Harrell sold another 19 acres to Abner J. Holloman for $76.00 on June 1, 1877. The land was bounded by the land of A. J. Holloman, the Hot House Branch, etc., and was part of the tract purchased by John W. Harrell from John Burthall on the north side of Hot House Branch. Just twenty days later John W. and Martha sold $336.00 worth of the same parcel to Samuel J. Holloman.[10]


            John W. met his community responsibilities in a number of ways. For instance, he was a Justice of the Peace in the 1840s; and he was a member and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners from 1868 to 1870.


            By 1880, John Whitmell and Martha Harrell’s household had the following look.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John W.            age 65  merchant                     

Harrell, Martha             age 65         

Harrell, Flora                 age 33              no occupation

Harrell, Gorge N.          age 24              Nephew/in dry-goods


            John W. and Martha Harrell continue to appear busy at 65 years of age. John W. no longer listed himself as a retired merchant, but as an active merchant in dry-goods. John’s nephew, George N. Harrell (son of Joseph), had been living with John and Martha for more than 10 years by 1880 and was probably running the business.


            John W. Harrell was the oldest son of John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell, yet he out-lived all of his brothers. He was, in Winborne’s words “... widely known as a most excellent business man and leading Methodist, and a hospitable gentleman.”[11] John W. Harrell’s will was written on January 7, 1887, and a codicil was added after his brother, Jarret, died in 1892. The will was found and submitted to the Court on October 1, 1894—his will provided for an interesting mix of people:[12]


John H. Hall                          his grandson from Sarah M.

Sallie M. Hall                        his only surviving child

J. R. Hall                                 may be a grandson born to Sarah after 1880

George Pipkin                       Pipkin was his wife’s maiden name

Susan M. Frank                    maybe a married daughter of Sarah M. Hall

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John W. & Martha Harrell’s Descendants


            Their daughter Flora was still living with her parents in 1880 at the age of 33. She died at a relatively young age, and not much is known about her.

Sarah M. “Sallie” Harrell Hall (b. 1846)—5th Generation


            John W. and Martha’s daughter, Sallie M., and her husband, Job R. Hall, had established their household since their wedding in December of 1870. Job was from Ahoskie, and he was a farmer living alone when the 1870 census was taken—he owned $300 worth of real estate and $100 of personal property. Sallie and Job moved to Murfreesboro after they married—certainly the opportunities for an aspiring merchant would be greater in Murfreesboro at the time.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Hall, Job R.                   age 34  merchant                                 

Hall, Sarah M.               age 34  house keeping

Hall, John H.                 age   8  son

Hall, Charles E.             age   7  son

Hall, Marvin                  age   6  son

Hall, Flora                     age   4  daughter


            Job R. and family lived one dwelling from and between Sarah’s father, John W. Harrell, and her uncle, Colonel Jarret N. Harrell. The Harrell brothers were very influential people in the County, and I am sure Job behaved himself, most of the time. Job’s occupation was listed as a merchant in groceries. 


Sarah M. Harrell & Job R. Hall’s Children


            Sarah and Job Hall’s daughter, Florie, died at a young age. Their sons all moved from the county.[13] These three boys were John W. and Martha Harrell’s only grandchildren, and one would have thought the economic incentives to stay in Murfreesboro would have been extraordinary, but apparently they were not.


John H. Hall (b. 1872)—6th Generation


According to Winborne, John H. married and was doing well as of the early 1900s. He lived in Baltimore.

Charles E. Hall (b. 1873)—6th Generation


Charles E. had married and was living in Norfolk, according to Winborne.

 [page 213]


Marvin Hall (b. 1874)—6th Generation


Marvin was also married and doing well. He moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Henry Francis Harrell (b. 1816)—4th Generation


John (b. c. 1794) and Winnefred Harrell’s second son, Henry, was born May 1, 1816, and he was living with his parents for the 1820 census at the age of four. He died January 1, 1826.


Evaline Mary Harrell Pruden (b. 1818)—4th Generation


            John (b. c. 1794) and Winnefred’s first daughter, Evaline, was born on March 15, 1818, and was married to John Lewis Pruden. They were not in the North Carolina censuses from 1850-1880.


Olivia Young Harrell Montgomery (b. 1820)—4th Generation


Olivia was born on April 29, 1820. She married William Meredith Montgomery around 1839. There is a good possibility she had one daughter named Francis who was born in 1840. The young Francis is in William M. Montgomery’s household in 1850 at the age of ten—they were with William’s new wife, Olivia’s sister, Catherine Amanda Harrell. Olivia died around 1840.


Catherine Amanda Harrell Montgomery (b. 1822)—4th Generation


Catherine Amanda was John (b. c. 1794) and Winnefred’s fifth child. In some reports Catherine was referred to as Amanda C. Harrell, or just Manda. Regardless of her name preference at any given time, we know that she replaced her sister as William Meredith Montgomery’s wife sometime around 1841.


William and Amanda Montgomery’s household was complex in 1850—Francis age 10, was probably Amanda’s niece and step-daughter; the other three children were probably her own.


1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Montgomery, Wm. M.               age 40  farmer  $5,000

Montgomery, Catharine             age 27

Montgomery, Francis                 age 10  female

Montgomery, Elizabeth              age   7

Montgomery, William P.            age   5

Montgomery, Mary E.               age   2

Harrell, M.                                age 22  male

Harrell, Nancy                          age 25


            I am certain, that M. Harrell was Marmaduke W. Harrell, Catherine Amanda’s brother. I have no idea who the 25 year old Nancy Harrell is in the 1850 census. Marmaduke and Catherine did not have a sister named Nancy as far as I can determine. Nancy may have been Marmaduke's first wife, who perhaps did not live until the 1860 census, or she may have been a cousin.

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            By 1860, C. Amanda’s brother, Marmaduke, was in his own household, and she and William had four additional children.


1860 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Montgomery, W. M.      age 46                          $2,000               $19,779

Montgomery, A. C.       age 30 (37)

Montgomery, E. R.        age 16 female

Montgomery, W. P.       age 14 male

Montgomery, M. E.       age 11 female

Montgomery, M.           age   9 female

Montgomery, Robert      age   7

Montgomery, Rosa        age   5

Montgomery, Kate        age   4


            The 1870 census reveals that William was gone by then, and they had one addition to their family since the 1860 census.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Montgomery, Manda C.             age 47                          $3,000               $500                            

Montgomery, William P.            age 26  on farm

Montgomery, Maggie                 age 19  at home

Montgomery, Robert                  age 17  at school

Montgomery, Roser                   age 15  at school (female)

Montgomery, Kate                    age 13  at school

Montgomery, Olievier                age   9  at school (female)


            Amanda’s husband, William M. Montgomery, died in 1864, and in 1870 Amanda and her son, William P., were running the family farm which, according to the Agricultural Schedule, was very productive—and consisted of 200 improved acres and 300 unimproved. Amanda and her sons, William P. and then Robert, continued to run their farm beyond the coming decade. Amanda C. Harrell Montgomery was still head of her household in 1880 and still living in St. Johns.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Montgomery, C. A.       age 58  keeping house (female)

Montgomery, Robert      age 27  son/farm manager

Montgomery, Rosa        age 24  daughter/at home

Montgomery, Cate B.    age 22  daughter/at home

Montgomery, Ollie         age 18  daughter/at school


            We saw Amanda and her son William P. running the family farm in 1870. At that time it was 200 improved and 300 unimproved acres, and very productive. By 1880, William P. was not listed in the census for Hertford County, and apparently none of the farm was split off to him. It is possible then that Amanda and her second son, Robert, then age 27, were still running a very large operation.

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            C. Amanda Harrell Montgomery died in 1881, and was buried in the family cemetery on the home farm at Frazier’s Crossroads. This small plot is in the southwest corner of the first intersection (Frazier’s Crossroads) on route 561 just west of route 11. A large stone has been set, and is readable from the road-side. It contains the following information:




1822 – 1881


1840 – 1890


1848 – 1883


1861 – 1890


1873 – 1896


            It seems Richard A. Hayes was responsible for keeping two of Amanda’s daughters near the home farm. The relationships among the people named on the above cemetery stone are detailed in the following sections.


C. Amanda Harrell & William M. Montgomery’s Children

William P. Montgomery (b. 1846)—5th Generation


            William P. was at the family farm with his mother and siblings in 1870.  By 1880 he was gone and not to be found in Hertford County as a head of household.


Mary Eleanor Montgomery Hayes (b. 1848)—5th Generation


            Eleanor was with her parents in the 1860 census at the age of eleven. By the 1870 census she had married Richard A. Hayes—they probably married around 1869; she was 20 years of age at the time and he around twenty-eight.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Hays, Richard               age 29  farmer              $40                   $130

Hays, Ela                      age 21  keeping house

Hays, Whitman             age   1

 [page 216]


            Eleanor and Richard were farming a small plot of land adjacent to the large family farm that was being run by Eleanor’s mother, and brother, William P. Montgomery, in 1870. Eleanor and Richard’s land was valued at $40, and their personal property at $130. In 1880, they were farming in the same area, adjacent to the big farm still being run by Eleanor’s mother, but by 1880 with the help of her second son, Robert.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Hayes, Richard             age 39  farmer

Hayes, Mary E.             age 32  wife

Hayes, Walon               age   9  son

Hayes, Mary                 age   8  daughter

Hayes, Ernest               age   6  son

Hayes, Lula                  age   2  daughter


            By 1880, Mary Eleanor had four children. She may have given birth to another before she died in 1883, but without the 1890 census information it is difficult to know. According to the Montgomery cemetery marker presented just above, Eleanor’s younger sister, Olivia, married Richard the widower, and apparently finished raising Eleanor’s children. Mary Eleanor’s children were as follows.

 [page 217]

Walon Hayes (b. 1871)—6th Generation
Mary Hayes (b. 1872)—6th Generation
Ernest Hayes (b. 1874)—6th Generation
Lula Hayes (b. 1878)—6th Generation


 Maggie Montgomery Mathews (b. 1851)—5th Generation


            At the age of 26, Maggie married James H. Mathews, age 26, in St. Johns on January 17, 1880.[14] They were not in Hertford County for the 1880 census a few months later. If they were not still in the County they were probably very near by, because in 1885 J. H. Mathews was a witness at two of Maggie’s sisters’ weddings.

Robert Montgomery (b. 1853)—5th Generation


            Robert took over helping his mother manage the family farm after his older brother, William P. was gone. After managing the family farm, probably for several years, around 1880 Robert was gone from view.

Rosa Montgomery Mitchell (b. 1855)—5th Generation


            There was a R. H. Montgomery married to J. H. Mitchell, age 24, on November 15, 1881 in St. Johns.[15] R. H. was a female who gave her age as 23--if this was indeed, Rosa, her age was closer to 26. This would have made her a couple of years older than her new husband, and was certainly sufficient cause to understate ones age by a couple of years.


Kate B. Montgomery Blanchard (b. 1856)—5th Generation


            Kate B. married Thomas C. Blanchard, age 39, of Perquiman County in Winton, on November 25, 1885.[16] Kate B.’s brother-in-law, J. H. Mitchell was a witness.

 Olivia “Ollie” Montgomery Hayes (b. 1861)—5th Generation


            Ollie Montgomery married R. A. Hays (Hayes) age 42 in St. Johns on April 7, 1884. J. H. Mitchell, Ollie’s brother-in-law, was a witness.[17] Ollie’s new husband was probably Richard A. Hayes, the widower of her older sister, Mary Eleanor, who had died the year before.


            Ollie’s sister had left her 12 year old son, Whitman (Walon); her 11 year old daughter, Mary Ellen; her 9 year old son, Ernest; her 5 year old daughter, Lula; and perhaps another, younger child. Ollie probably had her hands full at the outset with her new role as aunt/step-mother—just as her mother, Amanda, had a generation before when Ollie’s name-sake died.

 [page 218]

            Again, without the 1890 census, it is difficult to know if Ollie had children of her own—she probably did, Richard was 42 years old when they married, and she was only twenty-three. Ollie Montgomery Hayes died in 1890.

Jarret Norfleet Harrell (b. 1824)—4th Generation


            Jarret was John (b. c. 1794) and Winnefred Harrell’s 6th child, and he was born on January 24, 1824. Jarret N. was living and working with his brother, John W. Harrell, at the time of the 1850 census. By the 1860 census, Jarret had a place of his own. He had not moved far, however—just next door to brother John W., or one dwelling away.


1860 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, J. N.                 age 36  Merchant          $0         $15,000                         page 1


            Jarret N. Harrell was 32 years of age when he married for the first time and set up his own household. He had married Susan Ruffin of Surry Court-House, Virginia on June 17, 1856. Unfortunately, she died just a couple of months later, and he was a widower by the 1860 census. His career in business had apparently progressed during the decade, he was no longer a clerk in brother John’s mercantile business. He was, by 1860, a merchant himself in the John W. Harrell & Bro. company of Murfreesboro.


            Jarret Norfleet Harrell had a very busy decade after the 1860 census. While serving in the Confederate Army, he found time to court and marry Ellen O. Lawrence of Murfreesboro on November 6, 1863—she was the daughter of John V. Lawrence. His marriage was just seven months after he had been wounded at Chancellorsville. Jarret and Ellen’s daughters were born in 1867 and 1868—not until after the turmoil of the War had settled.


            Jarret N. was among the first from Hertford County to enlist—he enlisted on May 16, 1861 at the age of thirty-seven. He joined the Confederate Army as a Captain, and was soon promoted to the rank of Colonel. He is listed as “Major 1st. Reg. April 1862 -- Lt. Col. July 1863 -- Wounded Chancellorsville 3rd. May 1863 -- Surrendered Appomattox.”[18] When the War ended, Jarret N. returned to Murfreesboro where he and brother John W. Harrell revived their mercantile business and continued to prosper.


In 1870, Jarret N. and Ellen O. had a young clerk living with them (probably his brother, from Northampton County, Joseph’s son, Cola R. Harrell.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, J. N.                 age 46   merchant            $800      $500                          page 369

Harrell, Ellenorah          age 32                           $1,200

Harrell, Gertred             age   3            

Harrell, John                 age   2                 

Harrell, Clera B.            age 16  clerk         

 [page 219]

            Jarret’s younger brother, William Joseph Harrell, had died at a young age, and Joseph’s second son, George N. was living with Jarret’s older brother, John W., in 1870 and 1880. I believe Jarret was also meeting his family responsibilities in 1870 by housing Joseph’s first son, Cola R. Harrell, of Northampton County—Cola was probably the 16 year old clerk in Jarret’s home.


            Like most merchants, Jarret had a small farming enterprise working on the side. In 1860 he apparently had no real estate, but by 1870 he had land valued at $800—this reflects 40 improved and 43 unimproved acres in or around Murfreesboro. Ellen O. has real estate valued at $1,200, which she probably inherited. Her land was undoubtedly producing income one way or another. Jarret’s personal property had dropped in value since 1860 from $15,000.00 to $500.00. That must have caused some adjustments to his quality of life. By and large, however, it appears he and his family lived quite well, and his business ventures, largely under the wing of his brother, John W. Harrell, would continue to prosper.


            In 1880, Colonel Jarret N. Harrell and his family were living just three households from his brother John W. Harrell. He was still a merchant in dry-goods, among other things, with his brother, John W. Harrell. His daughter, Gertrude, had reached the age of 13, but the son John who was just 2 years of age in 1870 did not make the 1880 roll call—in fact I have not found any further references to him. They had, however, a new daughter named Linda. The niece listed as Josephene Harrell was probably William Joseph Harrell’s daughter.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Jarret N.           age 56              merchant in dry-goods

Harrell, Ellen O.            age 42             

Harrell, Gurtrue             age 13              at school

Harrell, Lindia               age   5

Harrell, Josephene         age 17              neace/at school


            In June of 1889, Jarret N. Harrell was a witness at the wedding of J. Z. Newsome of Hertford, age 24, and Bettie Harrell of Hertford, age 19, in St. Johns.[19] I have not been able to determine to whom Bettie belonged.


Jarret’s county service included being a member of the Board of County Commissioners from 1878 through 1880; and being Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, 1882-1886, 1886-1888, and 1888-1890.


            Jarret Norfleet Harrell died November 4, 1892. His will provided for :


Ellen O. Harrell                                      wife                                         age 54

Gertrude Harrell Vaughan                   daughter                                age 25

Linda Harrell                                         daughter                                age 17


            The county historian, B. B. Winborne, knew Jarret personally, and I find his characterization of Jarret interesting and worth repeating: “The colonel was frank, honest and positive in manner, but very fond of young society and always made himself pleasant and entertaining. He was tall, erect and large, [page 220] and a splendid looking man.”[20] Winborne would typically characterize Jarret’s brother, John W., as “...one of the best business men in our county.” The feeling I get is John W. was largely responsible for extending the family’s prosperity, while Jarret N. enjoyed it considerable more.


Jarret Norfleet and Ellen Harrell’s Children


Gertrude Harrell Vaughan (b. 1867)—5th Generation


            Gertrude married Charles T. Vaughan in Murfreesboro in June of 1891. She was 24 years old and he was 40 years of age. They lived with Gertrude’s mother, then a widow, in the beautiful home of the late Colonel as late as 1906.


            In 1900, they were still living in the family home in Murfreesboro. They had been married 8 years, had 2 children, both of whom were still alive.


1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Vaughan, Charles T.      age 49  merchant                      born 1850

Vaughan, Gurtrude        age 33  wife                              born October 1866

Vaughan, Ellen              age   6  daughter                       born August 1893

Vaughan, John              age   2  son                               born September 1897

Harrell, Ellen O.            age 62  mother-in-law                born 1839


            By 1920, the children were out of the house and Charles was a farmer—which means he had retired from the mercantile business. He probably turned the business (the grocery store) over to his son. His mother-in-law, Ellen Harrell, was still alive and living with them in 1920.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Vaughan, Charles          age 69  farmer

Vaughan, Gertrude        age 53  wife

Harrell, Ellen                 age 82  mother


            Gertrude Harrell Vaughan wrote her will January 4, 1938. In her will she notes her Mother, Ellen O. Harrell, had left the original Harrell home-place in Murfreesboro to both herself and her sister Linda Harrell Walke. This is identified as the house on the north side of College Street, and sister, Linda Walke, deeded her share to Gertrude sometime earlier. [21] The will was recorded on September 5, 1948, which was probably soon after Gertrude had died.


In her will, Gertrude left the Harrell home-place in Murfreesboro to her daughter Ellen Wiggins, specifying when Ellen dies it would go to her children. To her son, John N. Vaughan, she left $2,400.00, which she considered to have a value equal to the home-place left to Ellen.

  [page 221]

Gertrude Harrell & Charles T. Vaughan’s Children


Ellen Vaughan Wiggins (b. 1893)—6th Generation


            Ellen inherited the home in Murfreesboro around 1948, according to her mother’s will.

John N. Vaughan (b. 1897)—6th Generation


Linda Harrell Walke (b. 1875)—5th Generation


            Linda married Isaac Walke from Norfolk, Va., in Murfreesboro in October 1898. She was 23 years of age, he was 27. They moved to Norfolk and were still there as of 1906.


William Joseph Harrell (b. 1826)—4th Generation


            John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell’s son is difficult to tract. According to the family information compiled by Mary Britton of St. Johns, North Carolina, the William Joseph we are looking for married Rebecca Ivey of Northampton County. There was a William J. Harrell married to Rebecca in Northampton County. The William J. who was married to Rebecca was in the 1850 census, but his age was off just a little. In 1850, William J. reported his age as 21, which would give him a birth year of 1829. William J. probably married Rebecca around 1849, and they made their first appearance in the 1850 census.


1850 census entry, Northampton Co., N. C.

Harrell, William J.          age 21  farmer                                                              page 32

Harrell, Rebecca A.      age 21

Harrell, John                 age 6/12


            William J. and Rebecca Harrell were apparently not in Hertford County in 1860, 1870, and 1880. When Winborne wrote his history in 1906, he described William Joseph’s family as follows:[22]


“Joseph Harrell lived in Northampton and died many years ago, leaving surviving him his widow and several young children, George and Cola R. The sister of George and Cola married Everet B. Lassiter, of Potecasi. She died two or three years ago, leaving several children.”


William Joseph and Rebecca Harrell’s Children

 [page 222]

Cola R. Harrell (b. 1854)—5th Generation


            William Joseph Harrell’s son, Cola R. Harrell, was living with his Uncle Jarret in 1870 at the age of 16. Cola married his cousin, the youngest daughter of his Uncle Andrew J. Harrell. Cola was a merchant in Potecasi, Northampton County. He was a member of Northampton County Board of Commissioners, and represented his County in the State Legislature.

George N. Harrell (b. 1856)—5th Generation


            Joseph’s son, George N. Harrell, was living and working with his uncle, John W., in 1870 and still in 1880. George was in the commission business with his uncles, John W. and Jarret N. Harrell, until he died on September 30, 1888. He died at the age of 32. I have no record of his having a wife and children.


______ Harrell Lassiter—5th Generation


According to Winborne, George and Cola had a sister who married Everet B. Lassiter, of Potecasi. She may have been Jarret N. Harrell’s niece, Josephene, living with him in 1880 at the age of seventeen. She died in about 1903 leaving several children. Her widower remarried on June 22, 1905 to Miss. Boyette.


Marmaduke Wesley Harrell (b. 1827)—4th Generation


            Marmaduke was John (b. c. 1794) and Winnefred Harrell’s 8th child—the second to the youngest. He was born on February 23, 1827. He was living with his sister, Catherine Amanda Montgomery, in 1850 at the age of twenty-two.


            The 1860 census shows M. W. Harrell farming his own land and apparently doing very well. The 1850 census listed him as 22, the 1860 census listed him as 27, and the 1870 census as 39 years of age—these ages yield birth years of 1828, 1833, and 1831 respectively. The family Biblical record had Marmaduke’s birth on February 23, 1827. I am inclined to use the latter.


1860 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, M. W.              age 27  Farmer             $400                 $1,500               page 84

Harrell, M. A.               age 18  (Martha)

Harrell, W. J.                age   1  daughter (Jane W.)


            M. W. Harrell and M. A. Harrell sold a piece of land in November 1868 for $375 using their full names of Marmaduke W. Harrell and Martha Ann Harrell.[23] This was apparently all or part of 264 acres bought earlier by Marmaduke from Jepe Brown.

 [page 223]

            In 1870, Marmaduke M. Harrell was still living in the St. Johns area of the County, not too far from Frazier’s Crossroads. (I have been told his old farm is the land just behind the present day Ahoskie Inn.) He and his wife Martha had added four children to their family since the 1860 census, the youngest was born in October of 1869. By 1870, his farm contained only 30 acres of improved land and 175 unimproved acres. He was getting only a minimum production from his farm: 100 bushels of Indian corn and 5 bushels of oats. 


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, M. W.              age 39   farmer              $260                $150                             page 413

Harrell, Martha             age 28   keeping house

Harrell, Jane W.            age 10

Harrell, John H.             age   9

Harrell, Martha             age   7

Harrell, James M.          age   3

Harrell, Elizabeth C.      age   1


            Their first child was identified as Jane W. in 1870—the gender and age of Jane W. in 1870 fits the daughter called W. J. in 1860, and I assume they are one and the same.


As was the case for most people in the area, their personal wealth had diminished noticeably from pre-war levels.


            By 1880 Marmaduke W. Harrell had died, and his widow had gotten two years younger in the previous decade.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Martha A.         age 36  keeping house              

Harrell, John                 age 18  son/farm manager

Harrell, James P.           age 13  son/farm laborer

Harrell, Betie                age 10  at home


     In 1880, Martha A. was head of the household, and she had moved her family—actually, I believe, the move was before Marmaduke died. It was made with a $275 property exchange with Martha’s brother, Hasa N. Baker. In August of 1869, probably not much before Marmaduke Harrell died, Marmaduke and Martha sold 88 acres to Hosen N. Baker for $275. Martha A. Harrell immediately turned around and bought 146 acres from Hosea N. Baker for $275 as a “feme sole.”[24] This was probably the way Martha and the children ended up next to her brothers, and the support system it clearly provided her family after Marmaduke died—probably soon after 1870.


            By 1880 then, Martha Baker Harrell was living next to three households headed by Bakers. Hasa N. Baker age 30, Richard S. Baker age 35, and Robert H. Baker age 21 were her brothers. Martha A.’s two oldest daughters were living with members of her family. After their father, Marmaduke, died, Jane W. Harrell age 20, a niece, was living with Hasa N. Baker and his family; and Martha Harrell age 17, a niece, was living with Robert H. Baker.

 [page 224]

            Martha’s brother, Hasa N. Baker, wrote his will in 1897, and named Jane W. and James M. Harrell, his niece and nephew. Martha Baker Harrell was still alive in 1900 at the age of 56—she was living with her son, James N. Harrell.


Marmaduke W. & Martha Baker Harrell’s Children


Jane W. Harrell (b. 1858)—5th Generation


            Marmaduke and Martha Harrell’s first child was born on December 30, 1858. She was with her parents in 1870 at the age of ten. By 1880, Jane W. at the age of 20 was living with her uncle Hosa N. Baker and his young family. Her Uncle Hosa’s place was just next door to her mother’s farm where two of her younger brothers and her youngest sister still lived. Jane W. was, along with brother, James M. Harrell, named in her uncle Hosa’s will in 1897. 


            Janie W. Harrell married N. T. Britton in February 1889 at St. Johns—her Uncle Jarret N. Harrell was a witness. Janie W. was about 29 years old in 1889 when the marriage took place. It appears, however, she gave her age as closer to 39 for the marriage. She may have been trying to appear older than her actual years because the man she was marrying, N. T. Britton, was considerably older. N. T. reported his age as 69 at the marriage date—which seems about right. This marriage must have caused some interesting family get-togethers, because N. T. Britton was the father of Thomas H., Henriette, and Deborah Britton, all three of whom married Janie W.’s siblings. If I understand this correctly, it meant Janie’s former brother-in-law and sisters-in-law would then also be her step-children. N. T. Britton’s Children grew up on his farm which was next door to the Henry and Jane A. Baker farm. Henry and Jane Baker were the parents of Martha Baker Harrell, Jane W. Harrell’s mother.


John H. Harrell (b. 1860)—5th Generation


            Marmaduke and Martha Harrell’s son, John H., was born on September 21, 1860. He was in his parents’ household in 1870 at the age of nine, and with his mother for the 1880 census at 18 years of age.


            Soon after the 1880 census, John H. Harrell (20) married Henriette E. Britton (19) in St. Johns on February 10, 1881. The witnesses at John and Henriette’s marriage were John’s uncles, H. N. Baker and R. H. Baker.[25]


            John H. Harrell was gone by 1900, but not without first leaving Henrietta with six children—according to the family’s Biblical information. In the 1900 census, however, Henrietta had only four of their children with her.

[page 225] 

1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Henrietta          age 32  born February 1868

Harrell, Pattie                age 12  born January 1888

Harrell, Rufus               age 10  born February 1890

Harrell, Jane                 age   8  born March 1892

Harrell, John                 age   5  born March 1895


            Henrietta Britton Harrell married for a second time at the age of 46 on January 9, 1908. She married Richard J. Askew in Hertford County; he was 63 years old at the time.[26] Richard A. Askew’s marriage to Henrietta was a second marriage for him also. He was a farmer working rented land.


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Askew, Richard J.         age 67  farmer

Askew, Henrietta          age 48  wife

Harrell, Lloyd N.           age 14  son-in-law


            By 1910, Henrietta only had her youngest son with her—he was Lloyd N. Harrell age 14. Lloyd’s age indicates that he was from Henrietta’s first marriage to John H. Harrell. The 14 year old Lloyd N. Harrell was probably Henrietta’s son, who was five years old when listed in 1900 as John Harrell. In both 1910 and 1920, Richard and Henrietta listed Lloyd Harrell as Richard’s “son-in-law,” but he was probably his step-son. In any case, Lloyd was still with Henrietta in 1920.

 [page 226]

            Henrietta indicated she had had six children with three of them still alive in 1910. I know little of these children because Henrietta married her first husband, John H. Harrell, after the 1880 census, and there is no 1890 census. In other words, I have a citing for Henrietta at her first wedding in 1881, and then not again until the 1900 census. In the years between her wedding and 1900, she had had six children, only four of whom were with her in 1900, and only three were still alive in 1910.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Askew, Richard J.         age 75  farm laborer

Askew, Henrietta          age 58  wife

Harrell, Lloyd                age 23  son-in-law / no occupation 


John H. & Henrietta Harrell’s Children


            Based on the censuses in which Henrietta appeared with her children and the family Biblical record presented by Mary Britton, we get the following picture of John H. and Henrietta Harrell’s children.


From the Censuses                            From the Family Bible

Pattie      born 1888                                               Pattie                                                      married Tommy Futrell

Rufus     born 1890                                               Russell                                                   married Eula Baker

Jane        born 1892                                               Lola

John       born 1895

Lloyd      born 1896                                               Lloyd                                                      married Annie Laura Britton

                                                                                Bettie (Elizabeth)                                  married Junious Newsome

                                                                                Richard Norman                                   died young


            Henrietta stated in 1910 that only three of her children were still alive. I believe they were Russell G., Pattie, and Lloyd N. Harrell.


Russell G. Harrell  (b. 1887)—6th Generation


            In the 1910 census, Russell, at the age of 24, is listed as a nephew in William P. Britton’s household.


            In my view, this means Russell Harrell (b. 1887) was the son of one of William P.’s sisters. We know Henrietta Britton (born 1862) married John H. Harrell, and Deborah Britton (born 1865) married James A. Harrell. The two Harrells who married William’s sisters were sons of Marmaduke and Martha Baker Harrell. (This Britton family lived next door to Martha Baker Harrell’s family when they were all growing up). Deborah Britton married James A. Harrell in 1891, several years after Russell was born, so she is probably not his mother. Henrietta, on the other hand, married John H. Harrell in 1881 and is the most probable mother for Russell. This is consistent with Russell’s being Henrietta’s son in the 1900 census, using the name Rufus Harrell.

 [page 227]

1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Britton, William P.         age 55  farmer

Britton, Lisey A.            age 44  wife

Harrell, Russell              age 24  nephew/farmer


            On March 18, 1913, Russell G. Harrell age 26 married Eula A. Newsome age 27 in Ahoskie. J. N. Harrell and L. N. Harrell were witnesses at the wedding.[27]


            In December of 1917, R. G. and Eula Harrell were witnesses at the wedding of Henry C. Harrell, age 21, and Inna B. Joyner, age 19, in Ahoskie. The third witness was N. G. Harrell. Henry C. Harrell was Russell’s cousin, a son of James N. and Debbie Harrell (a cousin on both his mother and father’s side). The practice of using initials rather than names can lead to confusion, so let me identify some of them.


J. N. = Jarret Norfleet Harrell—Marmaduke’s  brother; Russell G. and Henry C.’s granduncle

L. N. = Lloyd N. Harrell—Russell’s brother; Henry C.’s cousin

N. G. = Norfleet G. Harrell—Russell’s cousin; Henry C.’s younger brother

R. G. = Russell G. Harrell—Marmaduke’s grandson; John H.’s son; Henry C.’s cousin


            In 1920, Russell and Eula were renting a house in the town of Ahoskie. Russell stated he was a salesman in the beef market. They had been married for about seven years, but had no children in their household.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Russell G.         age 32  salesman

Harrell, Eulah                age 33  wife


            On October 4, 1948, Russell G. Harrell wrote his will leaving every thing he had to his wife Eula A. Harrell. He was deceased by January 20, 1949 when the will was presented to the Court for recording.[28] They were still living in Ahoskie at the time.


Pattie Harrell Futrell (b. 1888)—6th Generation


            Pattie was with her mother, Henrietta, at the age of 12 in the 1900 census entry. She married T. E. Futrell on July 27, 1901—she gave her age as 17 years of age, but she was probably closer to 14 when she married. The witnesses at her wedding were her Uncle W. P. Britton and Aunt Lisey A. Britton.[29]


Pattie Harrell and Tommy Futrell’s Children


            According to the information in the family Bible, Pattie and Tommy had the following children.

 [page 228]


Pauline Futrell—7th Generation


            Pauline married Mr. Belvin.


Ambrice Futrell—7th Generation


            Ambrice married Gordon Britton (he was the son of Martha E. B. Harrell and Thomas Henry Britton).


Clarence “Mike” Futrell—7th Generation


            Mike married Cleo Benthall.


Thomas Edward Futrell—7th Generation


            Thomas married Julia Futrell.


Dorthy Futrell—7th Generation


            Dorthy married William Carter.


Larry Futrell—7th Generation


            Larry never married.


Lloyd N. Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation


Lloyd N. was one of the three children of John H. and Henrietta Harrell to live until 1910. He was with his mother in Richard Askew’s household for the 1910 census. He was still with them in 1920 at the age of 23. Sometime after 1920, he married Annie Laura Britton, the granddaughter of Nathan T. Britton.


Martha E. B. Harrell Britton (b. 1863)—5th Generation


            In 1880, Marmaduke and Martha Harrell’s daughter, Martha Evaline Bell Harrell at the age of 17 was living with her uncle, Robert H. Baker, age 21 and his wife, age 20. This household was adjacent to the other Baker boys and Martha’s mother’s place.


     Martha E. B. Harrell age 20 married Thomas Henry Britton age 25 in St. Johns in February 1883.[30] The Britton family lived next door to Martha E. B.’s mother’s family in 1870. Martha stated they had been married for 26 years, and all five of her children were still living in 1910.

 [page 229]

1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Britton, Thomas H.        age 54  head

Britton, Martha E.         age 49  wife

Britton, Wade H.           age 25  son

Britton, Clad T.             age 22  son

Britton, Lizzie                age 16  daughter

Britton, _____              age 11  son

Britton, Gordon              age   9  son


By 1920, Martha’s husband, Thomas, was gone, and their oldest son, Wade H., was listed as the head of the household. Martha and Thomas’ daughter, Lizzie, was out of the house, but three of Martha’s sons were still with her. The name of their fourth child was clearer in the 1920 census entry—it was Frank H. Britton.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Britton, Wade H.           age 35  head / single

Britton, Martha E.         age 55  mother / widow

Britton, Frank H.           age 19  brother / single

Britton, Gorden              age 16  brother / single


Martha’s three sons were engaged in general farming and living on the family farm which was located on the St. Johns-Ahoskie Road. Martha E. B. Harrell Britton lived her last years on the part of the family farm held by her son, Frank, and his family until she died in 1931 or 1932.


Martha E. B. Harrell & Thomas Britton’s Children


Wade H. Britton (b. 1885)—6th Generation


Wade was head of the household in 1920 after his father died, and he remained on the land. He never married; he built himself a small house on his part of the old family farm and remained there.


Clad H. Britton (b. 1888)—6th Generation


Clad sold the part of the family farm he had inherited, and married Hilda Owens. They moved to Richmond, Virginia. Clad H. Britton died there.


Elizabeth “Lizzie” Britton (b. 1894)—6th Generation


            Lizzie married Baron Brown.

 [page 230] 

Frank Harvey Britton Sr. (b. 1901)—6th Generation


Martha and Thomas’s son, Frank H. Britton, married Sallie Mae Askew. They had three children, Ernest Thomas Britton who died around the age of 12, Geraldine Britton Edwards who was born in 1932, and Frank Harvey Britton Jr. who was born in 1930. Frank Harvey Britton Sr. died in 1965 in Hertford County.


Frank Harvey Britton Jr. (b. 1930)—7th Generation


Frank Harvey Britton Jr., age of 23, married Shirley Rose Blowe, age 16, in Ahoskie on July 30, 1953. Many years later, he married a second time to a lady named Myrtie. They are still living in Hertford County on a part of Marmaduke and Martha Harrell’s farm at the time of this writing. (I spoke with him on May 15, 1997.)

Geraldine Britton Edwards (b. 1932)—7th Generation


Gordon Britton (b. 1904)—6th Generation


            Gordon married Ambrice Futrell.

James N. Harrell (b. 1866)—5th Generation


            Marmaduke and Martha Harrell’s son, James N., was born on December 25, 1866. At the age of 24, he married Debbie Britton who was 25 at the time. They were married in St. Johns in January of 1891. James married the sister of his brother’s wife. Henriette and Debbie were daughters of N. T. Britton who also lived in St. Johns. By 1900, James N. and Debbie Harrell were living near Ahoskie, farming on rented land. They stated they had been married for 9 years, and all four of their children were living.


            Martha A. Baker Harrell, the widow of Marmaduke, was living with her son and daughter-in-law in 1900. The two boarders, Nathan and Jamie W. Britton were husband and wife—they were married in 1889. Jamie W. was also James’ older sister. Jamie must have felt very much at home with her husband, her mother, and her brother all in the same household.


1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, James N.          age 33  farmer              born December 1866

Harrell, Debbie              age 36  wife                  born November 1863

Harrell, Wortir               age   8  daughter           born October 1891

Harrell, Jssh                  age   7  son                   born September 1892 (Jack)

Harrell, Ncsacle            age   3  son                   born December 1896 (Henry)

Harrell, Plissie               age   1  daughter           born October 1898 (Bessie)

Harrell, Martha A.         age 56  mother              born November 1844

Britton, Nathan              age 69  boarder             born 1830 (also Debbie’s father)

Britton, Jamie W.          age 40  boarder             born 1840 (Nathan’s wife, also James’ sister)

 [page 231]

            By 1910, James was still farming in St. Johns township, but he was by then on his own farm, free of mortgages. (His mother had died, perhaps he had an inheritance.) Jamie W. Britton’s husband, Nathan, had also died by 1910, and she was listed as a widow, and as James N. Harrell’s sister rather than a boarder, as in the 1900 census.


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, James N.          age 45  farmer

Harrell, Debbie              age 45  wife

Harrell, Weter E.           age 18  daughter

Harrell, Jack D.             age 16  son

Harrell, Henry C.          age 13  son

Harrell, Bessie M.         age 11  daughter

Harrell, Norfleet G.       age   9  son

Harrell, Rena                age   7  daughter

Harrell, Jamie W.          age 50  sister/wd.


            In 1900, Debbie stated 5 of her 6 children were living, then in 1910, she stated 6 of her six children were living. It does not appear, however, that anything miraculous took place. Actually she had two more children, and thus six were living in 1910, and she simply misstated the number to which she had given birth.


            In 1920, James N. was still farming on his own, mortgage-free, land in St. Johns township. His oldest son, Jack, was still living on the family farm but was not listed as involved in farm work. His youngest son, listed here as Gladstone, age 19, was the same son who was called Norfleet G. age 9 in the 1910 census. The younger son was also not listed as engaged in farm work.   


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, James               age 53  farmer

Harrell, Debbie              age 54  wife

Harrell, Jack                 age 26  son

Harrell, Gladstone          age 19  son

Harrell, Bessie              age 21  daughter

Harrell, Rena                age 17  daughter


James N. and Debbie Harrell’s Children


            Only Henry Cecil Harrell was married and in his own household by 1920. Daughter, Weter E. Harrell was not with her parents in 1920—she would have been 28 years old and was not in the Hertford County marriage Register.

Wertie E. Harrell (b. 1892)—6th Generation


            Wertie died when she was just 30 years old.

 [page 232]


Jack D. Harrell (b. 1894)—6th Generation


            James N. and  Debbie Harrell’s son, Jack D., died at a young age.


Henry C. “Cecil” Harrell (b. 1897)—6th Generation


            On December 31, 1917, Henry C., at the age of 21, married Inna B. Joyner, age 19, in Ahoskie. The witnesses were N. G. Harrell, Henry’s younger brother, and R. G. Harrell and Eula Harrell, his cousins.


            Henry C. was using the name Cecil for the 1920 census. Cecil and Irena were renting a place in St. Johns township in 1920. Cecil listed his occupation as a farmer. Irena’s brother was living with them.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Cecil                 age 25  farmer

Harrell, Irena B.            age 21  wife

Joyner, Willie T.            age 19  brother-in-law


Henry Cecil and Irena Joyner Harrell’s Children


            Cecil and Irena had nine children…. Garland, Donald S.,


Garland Harrell (b. c. 1927)—7th Generation


            Garland married Ellen Louise Wynn (b. 1935) in St. Johns on September 23, 1953.


Bessie M. Harrell (b. 1899)—6th Generation


            James N. and Debbie Harrell’s daughter, Bessie M. Harrell, never married, but she must have done something right, because she lived to be about 100 years of age.

Norfleet Gladstone Harrell (b. 1901)—6th Generation


            Gladstone was James N. and Debbie Harrell’s youngest son. He was born in 1901—the first year of the last century. He married Ethel Futrell, and by 1930 they appeared together on a Hertford County deed.[31]


N. Gladstone was a witness at the wedding of Patricia Gay Harrell in 1961 when she married L. Pat Britton.

[page 233]

Rena Harrell (b. 1903)—6th Generation


            Rena was the youngest of James N. and Debbie Harrell’s children—she was with her parents in 1920 at the age of twenty.


Elizabeth C. “Bettie” Harrell Newsome (b. 1869)—5th Generation


Bettie was called Elizabeth C. when she was first seen with her parents, Marmaduke and Martha Harrell, in the 1870 census. By the 1880 census at the age of 10, she was called “Betie.” At the reported age of 19, Bettie Harrell married Junius Z. Newsome, age 24, in June of 1889.


Bettie C. Harrell and Junious Newsome’s Children


Bettie and Junious had four children. Junious had three more children with a second wife.

Brode Newsome—6th Generation
Kate Newsome—6th Generation
Zola Newsome—6th Generation
Junious Newsome Jr.—6th Generation


Andrew Jackson Harrell (b. 1829)—4th Generation


John (b. c. 1794) and Winnifred Harrell’s son, Andrew J. Harrell, was born on September 21, 1829. He married Mary E. Deans in Northampton County on November 29, 1852. Andrew worked for a while as a merchant in Woodland, Northampton County, which is just a mile or two over the Hertford County line west of Ahoskie. After some years in Northampton County, he went to Norfolk, Virginia, where he worked with his brothers, John W. and Jarret N. Harrell, in the commission business. He died in Norfolk in January of 1890.


Andrew J. and Mary E. Deans Harrell’s Children

Andrew left at least 2 sons and 2 daughters.


Daughter Harrell Jenkins—5th Generation


Andrew Harrell’s oldest daughter married Dr. P. C. Jenkins of Roxobel, North Carolina.

[page 234] 

Mary Harrell Harrell—5th Generation

            Andrew’s youngest daughter, Mary Harrell, married her cousin, Cola R. Harrell, the son of William Joseph Harrell, Andrew J. Harrell’s brother.

Cecil W. Harrell—5th Generation

            Andrew's oldest son was Cecil W. Harrell of Woodland, Northampton County. Cecil married Bessie, the daughter of John E. Maget.

Paul Harrell—5th Generation

            Andrew Harrell’s youngest son, Paul Harrell, married Viola Hall of Nansemond County, Virginia.


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