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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (The Early Harrells in America)

Chapter 2 (Harrells in Chowan County & the Gates area)

Chapter 3 (Harrells in Bertie & the Hertford County area)

Chapter 4 (Hertford County's 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Generations)

Chapter 5 (John T., Eley, Elijah Two, Elisah, Thomas Two & their descendants)

Chapter 6 (Nathan & Elizabeth's Known Descendants)

Chapter 7 (John [b. c. 1794] & Winnifred Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 8 (Josiah & Anna Harrell, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 9 (Elizabeth Harrell & Silas Parker, 3rd Generation)

Chapter 10 (Immigrants to the 3rd Generation of Hertford County Harrells)


Chapter 11: Immigrants to the 4th Generation of Hertford County Harrells


            One of the first things to keep in mind when thinking about the 4th Generation immigrants to Hertford County is that some of them might have been returning to their county of birth—in some cases, there is simply not enough information to know. For others it is clear. For instance, in the cases of Joseph B. Harrell who was born in Gates County, and John P. Harrell who was born in Bertie County the trail is clear, but in the case of Lemuel C. Harrell, I have not been able to firmly anchor him in Northampton County, even though I can place him there from 1850 through 1870. I have included 4th Generation immigrants in this survey because perhaps somewhere, one of their descendants may have information about the first three generations of Hertford County Harrells.


Joseph B. Harrell (b. 1826)from Gates County—4th Generation


According to his diary, Joseph B. Harrell was born on June 19, 1826 in Gates County, as  the youngest in a large family.[1] His father was Rueben Harrell.


Rueben Harrell (b. 1781) of Gates County—3rd Generation


Rueben Harrell was born in 1781, probably in Gates County. We know from various sources that Rueben was ordained a Methodist Minister in 1803 and was one of the organizers of the Methodist Church in Gatesville in 1828. He married Margaret Crosslin in Gates County on January 30, 1821.[2] The 1850 census provides a partial view of Rueben and Margaret Harrell’s family—Dempsey and Samuel were their sons; Emma Parker and Martha Brown were probably their daughters; Joseph B. and one other son had left Gates for Hertford County by the 1850 census.


Two of Rueben and Margaret Harrell’s sons are of interest for this study—Joseph B. and Dempsey K. Harrell. Joseph B. is our main concern because he moved to Hertford County at an early age and raised his family there. Dempsey K. becomes of interest because after Joseph B. died in 1864, Dempsey K. married his widow and spent his last few years helping to raise Joseph B.’s three children.

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1850 census entry, Gates Co., N. C.

Harrell, Rueben            age 69  farmer              $400                                         page 5

Harrell, Margaret          age 66

Harrell, Dempsey K.     age 38  farmer

Harrell, Samuel             age 34  farmer

Parker, Emma              age 36

Brown, Martha J.         age 25

Brown, Rueben H.       age   3

Parker, Mary A.          age   5

Parker, Martha E.        age   3


Joseph B. and Sarah A. Parker Harrell—4th Generation


In his diary, Joseph B. wrote that he and one of his brothers left home and moved to Hertford County when he was 19 years old—that would have been around 1845. He also noted that he married Sarah Alice Parker of Hertford County when he was 25 years old—they were probably married in early 1850. They appeared together in that year’s census. Joseph B. and Sarah A. Harrell were living with the Nicholson family when the 1850 census was taken.


1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Nicholdson, George                   age 32                                                              page 288

Nicholdson, Elizabeth                 age 22

Nicholdson, Mary                      age 6 mos.       

Harrell, Joseph                          age 24  no occupation                                       

Harrell, Sarah                            age 19

Boon, Mark                               age 10  mulatto

Bowsen, Sarah                          age 14  mulatto


            I have not found Joseph and Sarah in the 1860 census in North Carolina, but the 1870 census in which Sarah and their three children can be found indicates they were all born before 1860 and, thus, were all Joseph B. Harrell’s children. Joseph B. Harrell was in the C. S. A. military and died in 1864. Joseph B. Harrell’s widow, Sarah A. Parker, married his brother, Dempsey K. Harrell, of Gates County sometime between 1865 and 1868.


Dempsey K. and Sarah A. Parker Harrell


            Dempsey K. Harrell’s marriage to Sarah was probably his third. The Gates County records indicate Dempsey Harrell married Priscilla Parker on June 23, 1842, and then Jane Harrell on February 12, 1857. The 1850 census entry for Dempsey’s father, Rueben Harrell, included just above, shows that between his marriages Dempsey was living back on his father’s farm.


After the War, Joseph B. Harrell’s widow, Sarah, petitioned for support.[3] According to Joseph B.’s estate papers, she had married Joseph’s brother, Dempsey K. Harrell. They probably lived in Gates County. In 1868, Dempsey died. In his will, he named Sallie A. Harrell (Sarah A.), Edmond Cary Harrell, Ann A. Parker, and Martha E. Parker.[4]

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By 1870, Sarah Parker Harrell and Joseph B. Harrell’s children were back in Hertford County living with Sarah’s half-brother, William H. Parker.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Parker, W. H.                           age 44   farmer              $750      $300               page 352  

Harrell, Sarah                            age 39   keeping house $2,000                           

Harrell, Elizabeth A.                  age 16

Harrell, William J.                      age 13

Harrell, Edward                         age 11


Joseph B. and Sarah A. Harrell’s Children


            Their children were listed in the 1870 census entry from Hertford County. I have only named their children in this section, because they have been described in greater detail in the section “Sarah Alice Parker Harrell Harrell (b. 1831)—4th Generation,” in chapter 9 of this work. They are placed there because Sarah’s mother, Elizabeth Harrell Parker, was a 3rd Generation Hertford County Harrell.


Elizabeth A. Harrell Copeland (b. 1854)—5th Generation
William Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation
Edward Cary Harrell (b. 1859)—5th Generation


John P. Harrell’s Family (b. 1817) from Bertie County—4th Generation


            John P. Harrell was from Bertie County. His family can be traced through Bertie County wills to one of the original settlers from Virginia. (See the section on Edward Harrell in chapter three.) The descent goes as follows:


Edward Harrell’s will of 1752 in which he names:

                Henry, son and executor

                Jausha, son

                Thomas, son

                Mary Andrews, daughter

                                Jesse, grandson

                                Rebecca Sharpe, granddaughter

Henry Harrell’s will of 1773 in which he names:

                Rachel, wife

                Rueben, son

                Benjamin, son

                Henry Jr., son

                Whitmell, son

                John Wimberly, son

                David, son

                Joseph, son

                Edward, son

                Pharaby Pulle, daughter

                Rachel, daughter

                Barbara, daughter

                Elizabeth, daughter

Benjamin Harrell’s will of 1809 in which he names:      

Jemima Powell, wife (also see his wife, Jemima Powell Harrell’s, will of 1822)

                George, son

                Henry, son

                Powell, son

                Rachel, daughter

                Celia Carney, daughter

                Winnefred Carney, daughter

Powell Harrell’s will of 1837 in which he names:

                Harriet, wife

                John P., son

                Ann P., daughter

                Children with Celia Willougby, wife

                Mary P., daughter and executor

                Powell A., son and executor

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John P. Harrell and family were not in Bertie County for the 1850 census. They were, however, in Hertford County for a few years, including 1850. (The census index has them as Harrill, but there was no such name in the county.)


1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John P.             age 33  farmer              $1,590                                       page 302

Harrell, Margaret          age 25

Harrell, Edwin D.          age   6

Harrell, James               age   5

Harrell, Ann R.             age   3

Harrell, Brinton             age   2

Harrell, Joseph              age 5/12

Gatling, Martha             age 50


            On February 27, 1852, there was an item in the Biblical Recorder that was certainly a death notice; it reads: “In Hertford county, on the 30th January last Hardy Murphy Harrell, infant of Cap. John P. Harrell and wife Margaret, age 12 days.”


There is no John P. Harrell, nor a John age 43 in the 1860 census. A John P. Harrell married a Sarah R. Garriss in Northampton County on May 17, 1858. The 1860 and 1870 Hertford census does not have John P. nor any of his sons.

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John P. Harrell’s will was recorded in Bertie County in April of 1885. He named Sarah R. Harrell, Paul Wade Harrell, and Sallie J. Baker.[5] John P. Harrell’s wife, Margaret, died after 1850 and before 1858. It is possible then that all of John P.’s children were with Margaret.


John P. and Margaret Harrell’s Children


Edwin Harrell (b. 1844)—5th Generation


James Harrell (b. 1845)—5th Generation


Ann R. Harrell (b. 1847)—5th Generation


Brinton Harrell (b. 1848)—5th Generation


Joseph Harrell (b. 1850)—5th Generation


Paul Wade Harrell—5th Generation


Sallie J. Harrell Baker—5th Generation


John Harrell (b. 1813) from Gates County—4th Generation


            John (b. 1813) was born in Gates County and was married there on September 26, 1838 to Margaret Spriggins. According to the 1860 census, all their children shown in 1850, except John, were also born in Gates County. John and Margaret moved to Hertford County between 1846 and early 1850.


John (b. 1813) and Margaret Harrell’s Family


As indicated above (see chapter 5), John (b. 1813)may have helped raise some of Isaac

and Delilah Harrell’s children in Hertford County, but in addition, he had children of his own

from his previous marriages who also became part of the 5th Generation of Harrells in the county.

 [page 359] 

1850 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John                 age 37  cooper              $300.                NC                   page 319

Harrell, Margaret          age 45                                                  NC

Harrell, James J.           age   9 in school                                   NC

Harrell, Margaret          age   7                                                  NC

Harrell, Nancy              age   5                                                  NC

Harrell, John                 age   3                                                  NC

Spagums, Elizabeth        age 16 in school                                   NC


            By 1850, not too far from the Isaac and Delilah Harrell household, John and his first wife, Margaret lived with their children.


John (b. 1813) and Mary Harrell’s Family


            By 1860, John had a new wife, Mary age 50. John and Margaret’s oldest son, James J., should have been around 19 or 20 years of age in 1860—that may have been the young man recorded as “G. J.” on the 1860 census. Margaret, Nancy (Martha), and John were also still around, as well as John and Margaret’s last daughter, Frances. All members of John’s household were listed as born in Gates County, except the youngest daughter, Frances, age ten. She was born in Hertford County.


1860 census entry, Hertford Co., . C.

Harrell, John                 age 47  Field Laborer                $0         $25                   page 111

Harrell, Mary                age 50  wife

Harrell, G. J.                 age 20  Field Laborer   

Harrell, Margaret          age 18  daughter           (b. 1842)

Harrell, Martha             age 16  daughter

Harrell, Jon.                  age 14  son

Harrell, Frances            age 10  daughter


            Apparently John (b. 1813) was gone by 1870.


John (b. 1813) and Margaret Harrell’s Children


            The children listed in this section were from John and his first wife, Margaret. If John had more children with his second wife, Mary, I do not know of them yet. By the time John and Delilah married, they were both well into their 50s and apparently had no children.


James J. Harrell (b. 1841)—5th Generation
Margaret Harrell (b. 1842)—5th Generation
Martha Harrell (b. 1844) (Nancy)—5th Generation
John Harrell (b. 1846)—5th Generation

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Frances Harrell (b. 1850) (daughter)—5th Generation


Lemuel C. Harrell (b. 1832)—4th Generation


Lemuel Harrell came to Hertford County from Northampton County, but I have not been able to establish where he was born, or who his parents were. He may have been born in Hertford County, and moved to Northampton County as a youngster—he was in Northampton for the 1850 through the 1870 censuses. In any case, he did settle in Hertford County after 1870.


Lemuel Harrell in Northampton County


One of my reasons for suspecting Lemuel was not born in Northampton County is based on the finding that there were no Harrell households in Northampton County in 1820 nor in 1840 according to the censuses. By 1850, however, Lemuel Harrell, his probable mother, Mary, and two of his siblings were there.


1850 census entry, Northampton Co., N. C.

Harrell, Mary                age 54

Harrell, Lemuel             age 18 laborer              $0

Harrell, William             age 15

Harrell, Sarah                age 12


Lemuel and Mary Boone Harrell


The Northampton Marriage Register shows that “Lemul Harrall” married Mary Boon on February 20, 1856. In 1860, Lemuel and Mary were still in Northampton County. Lemuel and Mary had at least two children: Joseph (b. 1857), and Ellen B. (b. 1860).


1860 census entry, Northampton Co., N. C.

Harrold, Lemuel            age 29  farmer              $1,500   $500     born in N. C.     page 3

Harrold, Mary               age 31

Harrold, Joseph             age   3

Harrold, Ellen B.           age 3/12

Boone, Sarah C.            age 15

Boone, Innius                age 13  male

Boone, Georgianna        age 11

Boone, Wiley                age   7


Lemuel Harrell served in the C. S. A. military—he was in Company E, 56th Regiment, N. C. Infantry. His rank was sergeant, and his service was from 1862 to 1865—during the course of which he was wounded twice and taken prisoner. He is listed as from Northampton County.[6]

 [page 361]

In 1865, Lemuel C. Harrell appeared for the first time in a Hertford County document—Susana Harrell’s will in Hertford County.[7] This further suggests Lemuel had ties to Harrells in Hertford County. (Lemuel and G. C. Harrell were the only Harrells named in the will, and I have not been able to discover the relationships among them.)


            I did not find Lemuel’s probable mother, Mary, in the 1860 census, but there was a Mary Harrell in Northampton in 1870 of the appropriate age.


1870 census entry, Northampton Co., N. C.

Holloman, George          age 42

Holloman, Mary A.        age 25

Holloman,                     age 11

Holloman,                     age   8

Holloman,                     age   6

Holloman,                     age   3

Holloman,                     age   1

Harrell, Mary                age 74


If Lemuel’s wife, Mary, survived the War, it was not by much, because he married Josephine Brewer in Northampton County on November 6, 1865.


Lemuel and Josephine Harrell


            Lemuel and Josephine were still in Northampton for the 1870 census. Lemuel’s first two children shown in the 1860 census were with his first wife, Mary. His daughter, Esther Harrell, born in 1868, was his first child with Josephine.


1870 census entry, Northampton Co., N. C.

Harrell, Lemuel             age 38  farmer              $1,100   $400                             page 660

Harrell, Josephine          age 27  keeping house

Harrell, Joseph              age 13  farm laborer

Harrell, Ellen                 age 10

Harrell, Esther               age   2


Lemuel and Josephine were in Roanoke Township, Northampton County in 1870. He next appeared on the list of Civil War veterans who became residents of Hertford County after the War—“1873 here in this Co.” “From Northampton to Hertford County.”[8]


            Lemuel and Josephine bought a 330 acre farm from John Wilson and Mary E. S. Harrell in Hertford County on the road to Pitch Landing to Harrellsville in March of 1872.[9] That move made Lemuel next-door neighbors to John Wilson Harrell and Nicholas J. Harrell—they remained neighbors for 10 to 15 years. I do not know if the three Harrell families were related. I suspect Lemuel and Nicholas were at least very good friends. They had similar war experiences, and on at least one occasion, Lemuel participated in one of Nicholas’ family functions—he was a witness, along with Nicholas, at Nicholas’ sister-in-law’s wedding (Fruzie Taylor) in 1874.

 [page 362]

1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Lemuel C.         age 49  farming                        

Harrell, Josephene         age 37

Harrell, Ellen B.            age 20  at home

Harrell, Easter C.          age 12

Harrell, Sarah A.           age   9


By 1880, all of Lemuel’s children were accounted for, and Sarah A. had been added in 1871.


Lemuel C. Harrell’s Children


Lemuel’s children with Mary Boone were:

                Joseph Harrell                       born 1857

                Ellen B. Harrell                      born 1860

Lemuel’s children with Josephine Brewer were:

                Easter C. Harrell                    born 1868

                Sarah A. Harrell                    born 1871


Joseph Harrell (b. 1857)—5th Generation


            Joseph was probably about 15 years old when his parents moved to Hertford County, so there is a pretty good probability he went with them. Lemuel’s Joseph had a birth year of 1857 when he was living with his father in 1870. At the time of the 1880 census, there was a Joseph Harrell age 23, who carries a birth year of 1857 also—the 1880 entry was probably Lemuel’s son. He was working on James T. Wynns’ farm in Hertford County.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Wynns, James T.           age 57  farmer                         

Wynns, Sarah A.           age 56 wife

Wynns, Annie P.           age 17  daughter

Harrell, Joseph              age 23  work on farm

Cleatos, T. L.                age 27  Clerk in Store


There is also a very good probability that the J. P. Harrell, age 26, who  married H. S. Vann, age 30, on January 31, 1883 in Hertford County, was Lemuel’s son.[10] J. P. Harrell also had a birth year of 1857. They had at least two children—Mary (b. 1883) and Hollie (b. 1884). Mary and Hollie were still living with Joseph and his second wife in 1910.


            The J. P. Harrell (b. 1857) who married H. S. Vann in 1883 was probably also the Joseph P. Harrell (b. 1857) age 38, who married Ella J. Griffith age 23 in Ahoskie in August 1895. They were both of Hertford County.[11] (The 1880 census has an Ellen Griffith age 9 living with her parents Lewis and Martha.)

 [page 363]

            In 1910 Joseph and Ella were farming their own land, free of mortgage, in Ahoskie township.[12]


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Joseph              age 53              farmer              (born 1857)

Harrell, Ella                   age 38              wife                  (born 1872)

Harrell, Ruth                 age 13              daughter           (born c. 1897)

Harrell, Josie                 age 12              daughter           (born 1898)

Harrell, Carl                  age   7              son                   (born 1903)

Harrell, Ella M.             age   6              daughter           (born 1904)

Harrell, Lemuel             age   5              son                   (born 1905)

Harrell, Elizabeth           age   2              daughter           (born 1908)

Harrell, Edawin             age 3/12            son                   (born 1910)

Harrell, Mary                age 28              daughter           (born c. 1883)

Harrell, Hollie                age 26              daughter           (born c. 1884)


In the 1910 census, Ella reported they had been married for 15 years, and that she was the mother of 8 children, all of whom were still living. I assume Joseph and Ella’s oldest child was not living in the household at the time of the census. Joseph’s two oldest daughters, Mary and Hollie, were more than likely listed below the other children because they were from Joseph’s prior marriage.


Joseph P. Harrell’s Children


Joseph’s children with H. S. Vann:

                Mary Harrell                          born c. 1883

                Hollie Harrell                         born 1884

Joseph’s children with Ella J. Griffith:

                Ruth Harrell                           born c. 1897

                Josie Harrell                          born 1898

                Carl Harrell                            born 1903

                Ella M. Harrell                       born 1804

                Lemuel Harrell                       born 1905

                Elizabeth Harrell                   born 1908

                Edawin Harrell                      born 1910

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Mary Lois Harrell Hite (b. 1883)—6th Generation


Mary was probably Joseph P. and H. S. Harrell’s first child. When she married, she was referred to as Mary Lois Harrell, age 31. She married John S. Hite, age 31, in Ahoskie on November 2, 1914.[13]


Hollie (Hattie) Harrell (b. 1884 or 1894)—6th Generation


Ruth Coy Harrell Herring (b. 1897)—6th Generation


Ruth was Joseph P. and Ella Harrell’s first or second child. Ruth Coy Harrell, at the age of 17, married Leslie C. Herring, age 21, in Ahoskie on April 14, 1913.[14]

Josie Harrell (b. 1898)—6th Generation
Carl Harrell (b. 1903)—6th Generation
Ella M. Harrell (b. 1904)—6th Generation
Lemuel Harrell (b. 1905)—6th Generation
Elizabeth Harrell (b. 1908)—6th Generation
Edawin Harrell (b. 1910)—6th Generation


Ellen B. Harrell (b. in 1860)—5th Generation


            Ellen B. was Lemuel and Mary Boone Harrell’s second child. She was born in Northampton County but moved to Hertford County with her family when she was around 13 years of age.

Easter C. Harrell (b. in 1868)—5th Generation


            Easter C. was Lemuel and Josepine Brewer Harrell’s first child. She was around the age of five when her family relocated from Northampton to Hertford Counties.

Sarah A. Harrell (b. in 1871)—5th Generation

 [page 365]


George C. Harrell (b. 1840)—4th Generation


            I do not know from where or from whom George C. Harrell came. I believe the first mention of him in an Hertford County document was the will of Susanna Harrell in 1865 (Lemuel Harrell was the only other Harrell mentioned in her will—Lemuel was living in Northampton County at that time.).[15] I have not been able to locate George C. Harrell in the 1850 through the 1870 censuses for Hertford County, however.[16] His family’s first appearance in the county seems to have been in 1880 in the St. Johns area.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, George C.         age 38  farmer                         

Harrell, Susanna            age 28

Harrell, Nepolain           age 10  son       farm laborer

Harrell, John T.             age   8  son

Harrell, S. A.                age   2  daughter


            G. C. Harrell was also listed in the Branson’s Almanac for 1890.[17] The 1900 census shows George and Susan’s family still on their farm in St. Johns Township. They indicated they owned the farm free of any mortgage. Their son, George S., was listed as a farm laborer, probably on the family farm. They may also have been employing one of their older sons, John T. Harrell, who was listed at home in 1880, and as renting a house just next door with his new wife in 1900.


1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, George             age 61  farmer              born August 1838         

Harrell, Susan A.           age 51                          born August 1848

Harrell, George N.         age 17  son                   born February 1883

Harrell, Annie J.            age 14  daughter           born August 1885

Harrell, Martha E.         age 12  daughter           born May 1888

Harrell, James L.           age 10  son                   born April 1890


            George and Susan stated they had been married for 23 years in 1900, which would put their marriage date around 1877. Susan also stated she had had six children and five of them were still alive in 1900. This probably means Susan was George’s second wife, because the two sons listed in 1880, Nepolain and John T. Harrell, were both born well before 1877. George and Susan’s first child was probably the daughter listed as S. A. Harrell, age 2 in 1880. Susan’s second child was probably born between 1880 and 1882—one of the first two children apparently died before 1900.

 [page 366]

George C. and Susanna Harrell’s Children


Nepolain Harrell (b. 1870)—5th Generation
John T. Harrell (b. 1871)—5th Generation


            John T. Harrell married Bessie Jenkins in Hertford County in July of 1900. He was listed as 24 years old and she 21.[18]


1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John T.             age 29                          born May 1871

Harrell, Bessie              age 20                          born May 1880


They apparently were married just before the 1900 census and listed themselves as married zero years with zero children. They were renting a house next door to John T.’s parents in St. Johns Township.


            In 1910, John T. and Bessie were in Ahoskie Township, probably very close to where they were in 1900. John T. was a farmer working a rented farm—which probably means he did not inherit his parent’s farm in the area.


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John T.             age 37  farmer

Harrell, Bessie              age 31  wife

Harrell, Eva                  age   6  daughter

Harrell, Fannie              age   1  daughter


            All members of the family indicated their parents were born in North Carolina. Bessie said she had had 3 children but only two were living.


            In 1920, John T. was still farming on rented land. They did, nonetheless, manage to raise a sizable family during the first twenty years of their marriage. By 1920, they had two more daughters and two more sons for a total of six children.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John T.             age 50    farming

Harrell, Bessy               age 41    wife

Harrell, Eva                  age 17   daughter

Harrell, Fanny               age 11    daughter

Harrell, Mary                age   9    daughter

Harrell, Ethel                 age   5    daughter

Harrell, James               age 3   son

Harrell, William age   1    son

 [page 367]          

John T. and Bessie Harrell’s Children


Eva Harrell Thompson (b. 1903)—6th Generation


            On March 20, 1920, Eva M. Harrell married William H. Thompson in Ahoskie.[19]

Fannie Harrell Hoggard (b. 1909)—6th Generation


            Fannie Elizabeth Harrell, at the age of 17, married John Thomas Hoggard who was 19 years of age. They were married in Hertford County on February 5, 1925.[20]

Mary Harrell (b. 1911)—6th Generation
Ethel Harrell Hughes (b. 1915)—6th Generation


            About one and a half years after witnessing the marriage of her brother, James, Ethel Mac Harrell, at the age of 23, married Leonidas P. Hughes in October of 1938 in Ahoskie.[21]

James Harrell (b. 1917)—6th Generation


            On March 27, 1937, James Harrell age 21, married Virginia Bellflower, age 18, in Ahoskie. James’ older sister, Ethel Harrell, was a witness at the wedding.[22]

William Jesse Harrell (b. 1919)—6th Generation


            A William Jesse Harrell, age 22, married Dorthy R. Britton, age 20 on December 23, 1941.[23] The wedding was in Murfreesboro, presumably Dorthy’s hometown.


S. A. Harrell (b.1878) (female)—5th Generation


            S. A. was George C. and Susan A. Harrell’s daughter. She was 2 years of age for the 1880 census but was not with her parents for the 1900 census.


George N. Harrell (b. 1883)—5th Generation


            George C. and Susan A. Harrell’s son, George N., was born in February, 1883, and in 1900, when he was 17 years of age, he was working as a farm laborer on his parents farm. In 1910, George Harrell was boarding with a Sewell family in the town of Murfreesboro at the age of 28. Apparently a lot had taken place in George N.’s life between 1900 and 1910, because his occupation in 1910 had changed from farm laborer to medical doctor.

 [page 368]

1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Sewell, family                            proprietor of hotel

Harrell, George             age 28  medical doctor  


            On December 6, 1910, George married Mary E. Vaughan; both were listed as 27 years of age at the time.[24] By 1920, George N. and Mary were living in their own home in Murfreesboro (with no mortgage), and had started their own family.


1920 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, George N.         age 36  physician

Harrell, Mary                age 38  wife

Harrell, Francis             age   7  daughter


Francis “Fannie”? Harrell (Boone?) (b. 1913)—6th Generation


It seems Francis was George N. and Mary Harrell’s only child. In December 1935, a Fannie B. Harrell got married to a Mr. Boone—this could be George and Mary’s daughter, the age was about right.       

Annie J. Harrell Jernigan (b. 1885)—5th Generation


            Annie J. was born in August of 1885, and was living with her parents, George C. and Susan A. Harrell, in Ahoskie for the 1900 census at the age of 14. By the 1910 census, she had married Denny Jernigan. The Hertford County Marriage Register does not show the record—they may have married in another county.


1910 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Jernigan, Denny            age 23     farmer

Jernigan, Annie             age 24     wife

Jernigan, Elmo G.          age   2     son

Jernigan, Ruth M.          age 4/12  daughter

Harrell, James               age 19     brother-in-law


            The 1910 information indicates they had been married for 3 years, and Annie states she had two children both still living at the time. In addition to their two children, Denny and Annie had Annie’s younger brother, James L., living with them (James L. was George C. and Susan A. Harrell’s youngest child). Denny was farming on rented land.


Elmo G. Jernigan (b. 1908)—6th Generation

[page 369]

Ruth M. Jernigan (b. 1910)—6th Generation


Martha E. Harrell (b. 1888)—5th Generation


            Martha E. was born in May of 1888, and was George C. and Susan A. Harrell’s daughter.

James L. Harrell (b. 1890)—5th Generation


            James was living with his sister, Annie J. Jernigan, in 1910 at the age of nineteen.


William J. Harrell (born 1842)—4th Generation


            William J. Harrell was probably not the son of Isaac and Delilah (see chapter 5). Their son, William H., was the same age and with them in 1850 at the age of seven, but he married Millie Ann Harrell on November 12, 1868. The bride’s name and the date of the marriage are not a good match. I am inclined at this point to consider William J. Harrell as a 4th Generation  immigrant to Hertford County.


1870 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, William             age 28   farmer                                                                         page 422

Harrell, Louisa              age 23

Harrell, Harriat              age   4

Harrell, John                 age   2


By 1880, William and Louisa still had their son, John, at home, and two new sons, George W. and Thomas W. Harrell. I can not explain why Harriat from 1870 was gone, nor where William L. came from. William was listed as their son, and was about the same age as Harriat.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, W. J.                age 37 work on farm                                        Harrellsville

Harrell, Luisa                age 32  wife

Harrell, William L.         age 13 son

Harrell, John W.            age 11  son

Harrell, George W.        age   4  son

Harrell, Thomas W.       age   1  son


William J. Harrell apparently died soon after the 1880 census was taken because Louisa Harrell, widow of Wm. Harrell, was released from the poll tax on her late husband on January 3, 1881.[25]

 [page 370]

Luisa was named in her father’s March 8, 1884 will, the reference was to Luisa Harrell his daughter.[26] Louisa Harrell age 35 married Adolphus Sawyer age 28 of Curritock County in March, 1884 in Winton.


William J. and Louisa Harrell’s Children

Harriet Harrell (b. 1866)—5th Generation


Harriet was with her parents in the 1870 but gone by the 1880 census. She was somehow replaced by William L., perhaps a brother of about the same age.


John W. or L. Harrell (b. 1868 or 1869)—5th Generation


            The following census entry may have been for William J. and Louisa Harrell’s son, John W. Harrell—the age is about right.


1910 Soundex entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, John L.             age 41  farmer                                                  St. Johns twp.

Harrell, Martha A.         age 31  wife

Harrell, Sarah A.           age  6   daughter

Harrell, Mary D.           age  2   daughter


William L. Harrell (b. 1867)—5th Generation


George W. Harrell (b. 1876)—5th Generation


Thomas W. Harrell (b. 1879)—5th Generation


Starkey Harrell (b. 1843)—4th Generation


            Hertford County got another Starkey Harrell when the Starkey in the below 1880 census entry immigrated from Gates County.


1880 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Starky               age 38 work on farm                            Harrellsville

Harrell, Henrietta          age 32

Harrell, Jason                age 12

Harrell, Allice C. D.      age   9

Harrell, Rachel T.          age   7

Harrell, Taylor               age   5

Harrell, Annie L.           age   2

 [page 371]

            This family was listed in the 1870 census while still in Gates County. That census shows Starky age 27, Henrieta age 22, and son, Jason, age 2. The Gates County records also show that S. S. Harrell married Henrietta Smith on July 11, 1867.


            This Starky Harrell from Gates County was probably the Starkey who enlisted in the Confederate cause in February, 1862 at Gates. He was listed as 17 years of age at his enlistment, which puts his birth year at around 1845. This was probably the same Strakey with his father, Dempsey, age 30, and his brother, William H., age 1 in Gates County for the 1850 census (page 12)—this would also carry a birth year for Starkey of around 1844. Stark Harrell at the age of 27 was still in Gates County for the 1870 census (Gates County census, page 19). (There was also a Starkey Harrell [b. 1849] of Hertford Co. who married Olivia Baker [b. 1853] of Hertford Co. in Harrellsville—the 1850 census did not show a one year old Starkey in Hertford County).


1900 census entry, Hertford Co., N. C.

Harrell, Starkey             age 57                                                              HV

Harrell, Henretta           age 51

Harrell, Ratchal             age 27

Harrell, Laura               age 22

Harrell, Bessie M.         age 19

Harrell, Charlie A.         age   9


Starkey and Henretta Harrell’s Children

Jason Harrell (b. 1868)—5th Generation
Alice C. D. Harrell (b. 1871)—5th Generation
Rachel T. Harrell (b. 1873)—5th Generation


Rachel was still living with her parents in 1900 at the age of 27.

Taylor Harrell (b. 1875)—5th Generation
Annie Laura Harrell (b. 1878)—5th Generation


Laura was living with her parents in 1900 at the age of 22.

Bessie M. Harrell (b. 1881)—5th Generation
Charlie A. Harrell (b. 1891)—5th Generation



[1] Much of the information I have about Joseph B. Harrell and his father, Reuben Harrell, of Gates County, was supplied to me by Joseph B.’s great grandson, Wayland L. Jenkins Jr. of Aulander, North Carolina. Mr. Jenkins had some genealogical work done by a professional, and was kind enough to share his information with me. The connections among Joseph B., his brother, Dempsey K., and their father, Reuben Harrell, are convincing.

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[12] Because the 1910 census for Hertford County was so poorly filmed, I have had to give the best possible reading based on both the 1910 Soundex for North Carolina, and the census microfilm itself.

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[14] Hertford County, Marriage Register, vol. 4, 1905-1925.

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[16] This is not the son of Isaac and Delilah, George T. Harrell, who was about the same age. There was a George B. Harrell, age 11, with his parents, George and Elizabeth, in Bertie County for the 1850 census (page 44); and a George C. Harrell, age 7, with his parents, Jesse and Martha, also in Bertie County for the 1850 census (page 11).

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